Time to make the macarons!

March 18, 2008 at 2:31 pm | Posted in Dessert | 7 Comments

my inspiration this time was from la tartine gourmande and from tartelette.

I bought a huge bag of almonds and made the flour, finally with a blender’s help…not from the elusive mortar and pestle that I thought would solve my dilemma.

I did the first batch of the chocolate/peanut butter macarons on Saturday and they are delicious but definitely a first try. Recipe courtesy of Food Network.

Sunday was a valiant success! A Raspberry (courtesy of McCormick Raspberry Extract) and Semi Sweet Chocolate Ganache version.  UPDATE: And these babies are featured in couture cupcakes- mad for macarons challenge!!

I even got more camera practice!

Here is the full tupperware…


It is now almost empty and in my freezer.

Art! and Beautiful Pink Deliciousness!



and now for our further french artistic inspiration..thanks to Justice..who also blew our ear drums so badly we could not hear correctly for 2 days!


yay for french dj’s. 😀



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  1. Beautiful job! I love all the combos you came up with!

  2. Those look awesome! Thanks for the tip to head over to the food network, it’s the only recipe I’ve seen that’s in volume instead of mass, and I don’t have a kitchen scale!

  3. WOW. they look great. Thanks for entering. Will give macarons another go.

  4. Wow those look wonderful. I am drooling while I look at them.. Time to head to the food network and get my own 🙂

  5. you love baking AND french electronica too? please marry me hehe =D

  6. […] and cooking two desserts??! You crazy lady!)  made coconut macaroons. (Not to be confused with macarons my dear readers). I would not touch those cookies with a ten foot pole, but they sure did look […]

  7. […] doesn’t go up on the blog, but then I admit some is exciting. Like the meal at Alinea, the macarons I made in the beginning, and this lobster dish Ned and I made.  I am thankful beyond words can express […]

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