Flashing spoon

March 26, 2008 at 8:55 am | Posted in Dessert | 1 Comment

Flashing spoon? You mean my family likes ice cream??

You betcha! and with puff pastry and chocolate sauce?? Yay for Profiteroles!

I had these puff pastries waiting in the freezer for the right time to come out, and it just happened that Braised Short Ribs go great with the most simple delicious french dessert! I used Ina’s recipe for the pate a choux and reheated them in the toasted oven at 350 deg for 10 minutes.

Instead of using my remaining hunk of ~3 lbs of dark chocolate to make a sauce…I opted for the easy approach, Chocolate syrup! And it’s wegmans brand…so it has to be good!


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  1. […] babies are the gougeres. Almost exactly the same recipe as profiteroles (which I made with daddy a longggg time ago). Basically just some egg, butter, flour, cheese and heat made these! Go check out the recipe on […]

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