Fantastic Clementine and a trip to Boordy

September 2, 2008 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Travels | 6 Comments

Saturday was spent traipsing around the Baltimore countryside with ECM! Boordy vineyards was our first stop, followed by a hike along the gunpowder river, and then down the Harford Rd corridor to Clementine!

We picked up a couple of bottles (a Cabernet Franc and a Seyval-Vidal-Chardonnay) from the vineyards (and actually got to enjoy the Cab at Clementine!) Thank you slow liquor license acquisition! Dinner was positively amazing and this makes me eagerly await more lovely dinners with my foodie. (Did I hear woodberry kitchen in the works?? :-D) Check out our trip and dinner below.

Here is a shot of the cabernet franc grapes and Dave our trusted tour guide! I commend him for all of the science he explained on the tour!

After an adventurous hike we were thoroughly starving!  We showed up to Clementine w/o a reservation and the wait was very quick and we got to enjoy our cab for a little while. We ordered our appetizer just as our table opened up. It is escargot with shitake mushrooms a bit of red onion all served over toasts with a dijon thyme dressing. AMAZING. This was the first time I got to show Michael my abilities to find good eats in this city and he was very impressed! (Apparently he did not have high hopes for a little hole in the wall restaurant on harford road, but clementine sure showed him! HA!)

We scarfed those toasts down and there was a bit of a lull before our entrees came out….sooo our noses started to do the walking and we smelled the crap soup around! Our waitress graciously obliged us with a bowl! Also very commendable.

I chose the pork chop with a blue cheese compound butter, served atop cheddar mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables (interestingly served cold!) That butter/sauce was impeccable.

Lastly, we let our eyes do the walking when it came to dessert. Apparently ECM and I like to eat?? We got a piece of yellow cake with chocolate and peanut butter frosting. It was delicious and reminded me greatly of a peanut butter tasty cake.

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  1. You two have the most interesting dates…! What a sport ECM is to let your whip out the camera every time you go out. Happy 26th Birthday tomorrow….The cupcakes you made and brought over for your birthday buddy, Bob, were yummy. Thanks honey.
    love, your auntie

  2. Your dinner looks great! We don’t live too far from Clementine but haven’t been there for dinner yet, just lunch.

  3. Your blog is so nice! I just started my own foodie blog!

  4. I LOVE Boordy! I’m so happy to have such a fantastic vineyard 15 minutes away and you can find me there many a weekend!

  5. I loooooooove Clemintine…. from what I’ve read, heard and see.
    Still have to get there and eat dinner!

  6. […] we stopped at our favorite winery’s booth! Boordy never dissapoints! We tried some of my favorite, the seyval-vidal-chardonnay, the vidal blanc and their newest addition: the fun loving tango […]

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