Fazzini’s Italian Kitchen

September 15, 2008 at 11:29 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 2 Comments

Sunday evening dinner was spent at Fazzini’s with the abuelitos (sweet grandparents for all you gringos) and little sista!  They and my aunties LOVE fazzini’s! And there is good reason to! It is a low key reasonably priced joint to get some fantastic Italian food! Their lasagna is out of this world and a huge portion!

Laurita got the Pasta Fazzini! This is described as “Fazzini’s specialty. Our home-made lasagna noodle stuffed with beef, sausage, onions, and cheese, then rolled and sliced into three medalions and topped with a light tomato cream sauce. Served with a side of linguini marinara.” I have never seen pasta comprised like this before and Laurita said it was very tasty.

I went with the standby!  “Homemade pasta, layered with the finest blend of cheeses, meat and seasonings.” The fresh pasta definitely shows through and the quality of the spices is impeccable. The sauce is slightly sweet and there is tons of cheese! I might say this is the best lasagna I have ever had! (and I went to italy two years ago!)

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  1. I have never heard of this place! Thank you for yet another awesome suggestion. It looks terrific!

  2. oh my gosh, that lasagna looks so delicious.

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