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September 29, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 2 Comments

So Friday night was a bittersweet one…my bestest girl Becca was supposed to venture down to Bawlmer from New Haven, but car drama and other annoying rain situations made it fall through. 😦 We had dinner reservations at b bistro in bolton hill so instead of Becca, ECM was my date! Dinner turned out to be splendid even with the monsoon!

The atmosphere at b is so wonderful! There is hustle and bustle like a true bistro, but there is a relaxing component to it. Perfect for a nice romantic evening!

Check out the rest of our food choices below.

I got the duck in pomegranate sauce with a deconstructed blue cheese and fruit (yay strawberries!) salad. I loved the duck! The sauce kind of reminded me of maple syrup…but I love sweet things so it suited my palate just great! I’m not usually so keen on deconstructed meals, but the presentation was so lovely I was fine to “construct” my eats as I went along.

We chose the appetizer from the specials- figs with prosciutto and microgreens. From my experience with prosciutto from Venice it can be very salty, but this was perfectly tasty! And a nice bite with the greens and piece of fig! Perfect! As you can see from the picture I was so eager to attack this dish, the picture taking came mid eat!

ECM got the leg of lamb steak topped with cremini mushrooms and a madeira wine sauce. It was ALOT of meat, and he enjoyed it thoroughly! Although I think he liked my duck better… 😀  ECM paired his meal with a troegenator beer and I got a glass of chateau!

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  1. Oh I love b! If I still lived in Baltimore I would’ve moved to Bolton Hill, it’s such a charming little neighborhood, doncha think?

  2. And in nice weather (which Friday definitely was not) I love sitting outside at b.

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