Doing the Batty Bat…

October 30, 2008 at 11:04 pm | Posted in Dessert | 7 Comments

So first of all – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I dare say this is definitely my favorite holiday of all. Probably because it reminds me of all the amazingly fun times my cousins and I had carousing around Grandma’s neighborhood. Can’t forget that Old Lady costume! or Posh spice…

For some strange reason when I was concocting this post up in my head, THIS popped into my head. Yes, it is sesame street and yes it is amazing. No need to thank me!

On to the food!! Or snacks…

These are my ghostie sugar cookies! And they taste good! Who woulda thunk…  The inspiration comes solely from the lovely Nicole from Pinch My Salt!

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October Daring Baker’s Challenge: Pizza!

October 29, 2008 at 12:00 am | Posted in Daring Bakers | 6 Comments

This month’s challenge was definitely a fulfilling one. There is something blissful about kneading dough and then “tossing” it around and then WOO, the smell in the air while its baking?? My inner Italian grandmother (though its really a Mexican abuelita inside me 😉 ) was really coming to life! The spread of pizzas made this month ranged from a pesto-tomato confit one (seen below) to cinnamon & sugar to simple tomato sauce and mozz to the ones I’m making tonight! – pear and gorgonzola, and squash, red onion, and red pepper with a balsamic reduction!

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Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Chip Cookies

October 28, 2008 at 9:45 am | Posted in Dessert | 8 Comments

Today’s deliciousness stemmed from the fact that it’s one of my boss’s birthday and I really wanted to use my new fleur de sel! Ever since I heard about the hyped up chocolate chip cookie “controversy” on the New York Times this summer, I have always had this recipe in the back of my mind. Well- believe the hype! 😀 – these cookies are worth it.

The recipe can also be found here, but check it out below!

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Artichokes & Pork Sausage with Lemon and Sage

October 25, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Dinner | Leave a comment

The inspiration for this meal came solely from the fact that I had sage in the fridge! And then theres the fact that artichokes (which I thoroughly enjoyed last Friday night) and sausage are delicious!! The ‘lemon, sage, shallots, etc..’ sauce tasted incredible with the succulent sausage and delicate artichokes. We paired this with a Gewürztraminer, which was amazingly delectable and solidified my opinions about that type of wine: I was born to love that wine! 😀 I have always had a fixation for flowers (if you could only see my shabby chic apartment…) and it was until yesterday that I fully came to appreciate the aromatic nature of that wine – it is so delightful!

Wegman’s definitely came through for us, with the awesome weisswurst, some fleur de sel (LOVE IT!) and marbled cheesecake slices for dessert!

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Scallop Saltimbocca for my Old Man

October 23, 2008 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner | 6 Comments

This fantastic meal was made for my sweet Daddy’s 54th Birthday!!! I went searching through Tyler’s Ultimate and found this! Crazy father is ever so fond of seafood and Lord knows seafood tastes incredible wrapped with fatty delicious pig!

The dish was composed of sea scallops wrapped with Wegman’s prosciutto with caramelized Golden Delicious apples and fresh crisped up sage all served atop a velvet potato puree! I also re-made the butternut squash soup (Thanks Jude!) and mom made an amazing strawberry angel food cake!

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Sweet Sweet Crepe du Jour

October 18, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Travels | 3 Comments

My francophile'”ness” was in full force on Friday night! I went to my favorite quintessential french place where I get those happy Paris feelings (since it has been two years almost to the day that I was there in the lovely fall) – Crepe du Jour!  Now I do have to note one thing right off- this restaurant is not as cute as it used to be. 😦 I am so glad that they have more indoor seating, but the cute-squeezed in-hustle and bustle feeling of this establishment is no longer there! The food is just as tasty though, so at least they still have that going for them! And they also had a lovely assortment of classic french songs on in the background, including my favorite- Edith Piaf. 😀

I got the crepe Napoleon which has sautéed mushrooms, hearts of artichoke and melted brie!  Those ingredients go so well together and they season everything so well too.

Check out the rest of our meal below!

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Seriously Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

October 15, 2008 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Dinner | 2 Comments

Making this soup was definitely cathartic over the past couple of days…sometimes in life your soup turns out perfectly and you live happily ever after (with your soup of course! 😛 ) …and sometimes you burn the heck out of it, and therefore you must start over…

Well… this time I roasted the squash just a little too long, but since I only had one, I went with it! Laurita declared it was barely edible, whereas I ate almost the whole bowl and then realized yeah it was definitely burnt. The cider vinegar, maple syrup and nutmeg gave it amazing flavor though, Cook’s Country knows where its at!

Next week there will be another squash and therefore another go round! Here’s to picking up your head and staying the course!

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Baltimore Half-Marathon Spaghetti Carbonara

October 10, 2008 at 10:23 pm | Posted in Dinner | 7 Comments

Carb-loading was in full force tonight! I don’t know if fatty carb loading was the best idea, but I always think spaghetti tastes best in this fashion! And who wants to sacrifice taste??

So anyways the real exciting part about this food is that its going to be giving me fuel tomorrow morning in my 13.1 miles of glory! ha! well…we’ll see if it is indeed glorious!

This recipe comes from Tyler Florence’s Ultimate.

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Hamilton Tavern

October 10, 2008 at 10:38 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 6 Comments

Thursday night I stopped by the Hamilton tavern to catch some beers and eat some more cow! yay! This place is so chill and hip and was perfect for the relaxed evening that I was looking for! The amount of thought and love put into Annabel Lee Tavern is definitely matched at Hamilton Tavern!

True to Elizabeth Large’s words, it can definitely get loud (I mean metal ceilings??) but I definitely enjoyed my meal (see below).

And the women’s bathroom?? To die for! They have pages from all of the classic literary achievements by women as wallpaper (toni morrison, emily dickinson, etc..) Definitely my most inspiring visit to the loo.

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Braised Short Ribs Straight from Heaven

October 7, 2008 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Dinner | 8 Comments

Yes, this meal was sent from heaven (to calm me and to provide some delicious feasts during the hectic week!) and yes this is round two of this meal!

Thank you God for giving us cows! tasty tasty cows… :mrgreen:

Recipe courtesy of New Best Recipe with some substitutions…

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