Sweet Sweet Crepe du Jour

October 18, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Travels | 3 Comments

My francophile'”ness” was in full force on Friday night! I went to my favorite quintessential french place where I get those happy Paris feelings (since it has been two years almost to the day that I was there in the lovely fall) – Crepe du Jour!  Now I do have to note one thing right off- this restaurant is not as cute as it used to be. 😦 I am so glad that they have more indoor seating, but the cute-squeezed in-hustle and bustle feeling of this establishment is no longer there! The food is just as tasty though, so at least they still have that going for them! And they also had a lovely assortment of classic french songs on in the background, including my favorite- Edith Piaf. 😀

I got the crepe Napoleon which has sautéed mushrooms, hearts of artichoke and melted brie!  Those ingredients go so well together and they season everything so well too.

Check out the rest of our meal below!

My dinner date, the first and original foodie in my life, got the special of the evening. A filet wrapped with bacon topped with an herbed goat cheese, atop sautéed baby spinach and beautifully presented mashed potatoes! He loved it. Clean plate club was happening for both of us for sure!

We split a bottle of the cabernet sauvignon, which paired nicely of course (you know I like wine, but in reality- I have no clue!) and we got the Crepe Suzette for dessert! They fill the sweet crepe with sugar, butter, a lemon and orange sauce and top it with Grand Marnier! C’est Magnifique!  This place is absolutely perfect for a nice autumn evening where you want to get nice and cozy and eat some delicious fare.

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  1. Mushrooms, artichoke, and brie? OMG! Great combination. I love crepes. I don’t know why I don’t make them more often.

  2. […] that I had sage in the fridge! And then theres the fact that artichokes (which I thoroughly enjoyed last Friday night) and sausage are delicious!!  The delicious ‘lemon, sage, shallots, etc..’ sauce […]

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