Charm City Cookbooking

November 15, 2008 at 8:00 pm | Posted in Cookbooks, Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment | 4 Comments

Last night was my voyage into true foodie land with some amazing ladies right here in Baltimore! We each chose recipes from Beard on Food and got together to have a wonderful time cooking and subsequently eating all that scrumptious food! To see the recipes for all of these incredible dishes, check out his book!

I chose a stuffed green pepper recipe for our side dish and I would have to say that the flavors were interesting, but it was a little too bread crumby for my palate. Renee, our gracious host, made beef stroganoff (also seen above) which was DELICIOUS!! The noodles were perfect with the tender pieces of filet and totally decadent sauce.

Coralie, my new favorite frenchie, treated us to clams casino for the appetizer! I sadly neglected to take photo-documentation of those delightful little bites!

Julie took the most simple ingredients (garlic, lard, egg yolks and chicken stock) and masterfully created a garlic soup. Not good for my breath but oh so heavenly on the palate!

Lastly, Joann, who is truly a whiz in the kitchen, whipped up a chocolate soufflé and a creme anglaise! 😮 Quite an end to an utterly delicious meal! 😀

Heres to delicious food and even more delightful times in the kitchen!!



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  1. Hey, who are those people! And look at all that food they’re eating. Yum!

  2. looks like so much fun! i wish i had friends who liked to cook with me 😦

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