Belvedere Square’s New Crush

December 8, 2008 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Travels | 5 Comments

Saturday was spent with fun shopping and great food! We stopped by Crush in Belvedere square for lunch and were pleasantly surprised by this establishment. The outward appearance of this place is deceiving, while it is clean looking and simple, the interior space is SOOO chic! It actually made me feel like I was in an upscale and hip place that could certainly be in NYC! Definitely perfect for a fun night out with my buddies when we want to dress up and paint the town red!

We picked out a duck dish for an appetizer. For the entreés, I got a jacked up BLT, Ned got a crab cake and then we got an upside down pineapple cake for the sweet! Overall the meal was very good although I think they could do a bit of finagling to some parts of these dishes. Check out the meal below!

They started us off with a rosemary ciabatta bread cut into nice manageable slices and was salted perfectly! This certainly sparked my pleasant opinion of this joint. The edges were crispy and the middle was so soft, and the flavors melded perfectly. Give me more! Ah and we paired our meal with a riesling and pinot noir.

Next came out our tasty duck of dish! There were seared slices of breast, duck confit all atop a butternut squash risotto. The confit was amazing (and now I think (aka wish…) consuming those succulent morsels should be and/or was in my weekly routine!). The risotto was cooked perfectly, not mushy and starchy but slightly toothy and rich. My only wish is that the breast could have been served a little warmer.

My BLT was definitely a hit. It was comprised of smoked applewood bacon, fried tomatoes, mozzarella & a dijon aioli. The mozzerella and bacon were the best part- so crispy and so fresh. The sandwich came with fries AND coleslaw! I had some of the fries, which were cut to a nice size, and went nicely with my requested mayo and dijon (which I quickly mixed together on my plate – wow I am a food dork!). I did not even try the coleslaw, as the sandwich and some of the fries were definitely enough! I don’t know if it was having the appetizer and ciabatta, but they put wayyy too much food on this plate! They should save some dough and (possibly our wastelines) and pair down!

Ned got the crabcake, which was not his favorite…so I neglected to take a photo. He is surely a fan of the Faidley’s establishment and Crush’s crabcake did not come close.

Thankfully, the kitchen redeemed itself with this dessert. (I was thoroughly stuffed – it was totally HIS idea!) The yellow cake was one of the best I have EVER had and the ice cream was so smooth and gourmet. And caramel? I can never get enough of that!

All in all, I (we?? 😉 ) will definitely be back with amigos in tow for this chic, creative and delicious food.

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  1. It all looks so good, but especially the pineapple upside down cake. Oh, my!

  2. where do you find these places??? i’m always going to Panera. i’ll definitely check this place out since you’ve given it your approval. i need to branch out a bit…

    btw, my dear elizabeth –

    you’ve been tagged! please check out the rules on my blog!

  3. Thanks for the restaurant rec! I LOVE Baltimore but I also love finding Baltimore restaurants that make me feel like I’m in a differnt city.

  4. […] love foccacia bread- the stuff we got at Crush can get my mouth watering just thinking about it! And the fact that you use a riced potato in […]

  5. […] the best I have had in Baltimore. After trying to recall better bread all I could come up with was Crush and Woodberry! So all things considered, this was very nice bread, of the french and cinnamon […]

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