Orchard Market & Cafe

December 19, 2008 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | Leave a comment

My bestest girl Kelly decided to celebrate her 28th birthday in fine foodie fashion at the Orchard Market & Cafe and I was positively excited to join her! I had no idea this place existed and am very happy to now know a local place for some delicious Persian food!

We (well at least the girl’s did) had lots of fun discussion about her upcoming wedding (South Carolina coast in October?? Sounds good to me!! 😀 ). See our dinner choices below!

We started off the night with our wine and beer choices (BYOB! niiice) and got the scallop appetizer. By the time I tried it the scallops were cold…I hate cold scallops… but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We also got the yogurt and cucumber salad. Definitely the healthiest choice of the night, and it was very tasty with fresh pita bread, although it felt like I was eating lotion…

I chose the Shirin Polo –“A colorful presentation of bone-in poached chicken in an orange-mango-saffron sauce. Basmati rice with carrots, currants, raisins, and nuts.” As you can see my meal was very orange! The chicken was cooked well and sauce was delicious, although I don’t think it needed to be doused in it as it was… I wasn’t expecting so much carrot in the rice mixture, but as long as I kept the rice, etc / carrot ratio reasonable it was delicious!

Bethany got the Spicy Kermani Beef – “Chunks of beef tenderloin sauteed with mushrooms, vegetables and pepperoncini peppers in a zesty tomato-garlic-curry sauce.” The meat was very tender and the tomato sauce had just the right amount of acidity to complement the spicy peppers and vegetables.

The birthday girl got her usual, the Dried Plum Lamb – “Chunks of stewed lamb with a pomegranate-tomato-lemon sauce. Butternut squash and sun-dried plums.” She lovvvveeeesss this! I really wish I could stand the flavor of lamb… because the sauce was great!

All in all, this place is great to step out of the realm of standard American food and the fact that its located in the `burbs was perfect for me!

Dessert was served back at my place – whoopie pies and Raspberry royale cocktails!

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