Artistically Delicious Gertrude’s

December 23, 2008 at 8:44 am | Posted in Brunch, Travels | 2 Comments

To commemorate the last JFX farmer’s market of the season and the holiday season, Julie, Meg and I went out for a festive brunch at Gertrude’s and had a lovely time!

I would like to think that Gertrude’s is the quintessential place to go out for a nice brunch in Baltimore. They had the surroundings decorated very tastefully (with the exception of the funny gingerbread guys!). Their menu always includes a vast array of delectable crab breakfast dishes and they use impeccably fresh ingredients.

We started off our meal with mimosas! Of the mango and orange juice variety and boy did they hit the spot!

I couldn’t pass up chocolate for breakfast…so I got the blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes. What a large stack! The blueberries were nice and fresh and the chocolate wafers were interspersed perfectly in the batter, giving those hotcakes a little extra something in every couple of bites.

Julie went for lunch (again!) and got the classic crab cake with fresh salad. It’s not the biggest crab cake I have seen in town, but it was delicious! The perfect proportion of crab to filler and cooked beautifully.

Meg joined me on the sugar train and got the buttermilk waffles. They were gorgeous – I have never seen a waffle press shaped like that! They also came with a pecan praline and caramel sauce, which was a interesting and delectable combination. She thoroughly enjoyed them!

Although it the weather was not cooperative on Sunday, Gertrude’s is a perfect place to go in the summer, spring and fall where you can sit on the terrace and observe the Baltimore Museum of Art sculpture garden.  All in all, this restaurant is the perfect place to go as a family (or group of beautiful amazing women 😀 ) for a fancy lunch when you want to celebrate something. In addition to the food being superb, the fact that you can go and get cultured right next door is an extra plus!

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  1. Yum, yum. You know the perfect places to go for brunch. Lovely.

  2. That was a fun brunch and an excellent choice of location on your part. Good food and a festive atmosphere — totally put me in the Christmas spirit.

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