Elizabeth’s Cookie Christmas!

December 24, 2008 at 11:16 am | Posted in Dessert | 6 Comments

I had a great time this month making loads of cookies! Two standby varieties and lots of new ones! So lets start this off mentioning that I am the cookie monster. I cannot get enough of those tasty little bites of sugar and chocolate! I think the addiction started when I was growing up, grandma always used to “hide” the superfluous tins of cookies on top of the china cabinet so we wouldn’t spoil our meals constantly, lucky for me I wasn’t a munchkin and could reach them!

My cookie baking worked out well this year, as I gave out most of these to my coworkers and friends as gifts! (I think they enjoyed them… I know I enjoyed the baking part and possibly licking the bowl… 😉 )

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

The first cookie in my assortment is the spritz! THIS cookie is the christmas original in our family. Check out the recipe from Peabody!

Next we have some thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies with toffee bits! Martha has the recipe and I jacked it up with toffee bits and an extra 2 tbsp of water!

This cookie is a molasses chocolate cookie, very moist and has a depth of flavor. I got this recipe a couple of years ago from the Baltimore Sun!

This cookie combines my two favorite flavors, chocolate and peanut butter! My mom has been making these m&m oatmeal cookies for an eternity and they are good!

Laurita really likes white chocolate and macadamia so I decided to alter the New Best Recipe to make these variation on the classic thick & chewy chocolate chip cookie!

Lastly, I made these for grandma (who surprisingly could not stop eating them) and some wonderful ladies in my life! They are hazelnut rosemary thumbprint cookies with raspberry and apricot jam!



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  1. Elizabeth—What a glorious assortment of cookies! I’m sure you were everyone’s best friend this year. And I’m glad your grandmother liked my hazelnut rosemary jam cookies—grandmothers can be notoriously hard to please.

  2. Biss…Grandma uses frozen orange juice concentrate in her Spritz, instead of almond extract. I can always remember her doing that..and I have always done the same. They all look very yummy. I hope you saved some of the Raspberry thumbprints…bring them tonight.

  3. I just made one big batch of cookies, but I also made some fudge. Oh, I didn’t write about the fudge! It’s just Domino’s Quick Nut Fudge, minus the nuts. I hate nuts in my fudge.

    Anyways, Happy Christmas!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful assortment of cookies!

  5. Ooh nice selection. It’s scary when there’s a huge assortment. Even if I only have one of each, I’d still end up on a sugar high.

  6. They all look beautiful!

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