Lox’ing it up at Greg’s Bagels

January 30, 2009 at 8:55 am | Posted in Brunch | 6 Comments

I was craving some delicious breakfast food on Saturday morning and so Voldemort accompanied me on this insane lox excursion to Greg’s Bagels! We had alot of it and it was fantastic.

Apparently back in the day Greg was a paper pusher and then one day he up and quit and decided to start a bagel place! He is originally from NYC and those roots come in handy for these divine bagels. I have been here numerous times before this visit and it never falls short! When you visit, you can see crazy cool Greg running around, and definitely ask him for advice on what to get. They make all of their own smoked salmon and they claim that their assortment is the largest in North America! Check out the amazing selections we got below.

The first one we got was the Balti-style on a multi-grain bagel. Totally amazing. They smoke the salmon with ginger, cayenne pepper, and honey. This was my favorite! When I thought of these spices, I was thinking those flavors would overwhelm the salmon- but they were incredibly subtle and married nicely with the fresh smoked fish.

Here is the morrocan on an onion bagel and it comes with apricot chutney. V’s favorite. ‘Honey and spice glazed’- and boy is it spiced! Tastes like the smells you encounter as you step into a wonderful Indian restaurant for dinner, but only its breakfast and its on a bagel!

Here’s a shot of the expansive list. We also got the royal scottish, (but neglected to photograph it because well, it looks like the last two, only no spices!) and that one is definitely the quintessential lox everyone should get before venturing into spice land.

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  1. Man, those pictures look delicious. I want this for lunch! (Unfortunately, no chance today.)

  2. Those bagels look wonderful! What a find!

  3. Haven’t been there in a while, the whiskey marinated ones are phenomenal.

  4. he’s still voldemort? if you’re hanging out with him so much, shouldn’t you change that? or maybe give him a nice nickname like voldie??? 😀

  5. i DID watch top chef in the hotel room!!! i was so excited to be able to watch it. who was from bmore? did she get voted off? but now i am sad b/c i can’t watch it anymore… i’ll just have to console myself with kitchen nightmares (oh, and the bachelor!!). 🙂

  6. and would you say that you were reLOXing? haha.

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