Fantastic Q at Andy Nelson’s

February 17, 2009 at 8:52 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 5 Comments

Bar-B-Q isn’t necessarily a Maryland specialty, but lucky for us suburbanites, some long time ago Andy Nelson ventured up from Memphis and Alabama to bring us the absolute best smoked meat and Saturday birthday lunch food ANYONE could ask for!

Run, don’t walk, to go get some of the best pork and beef that Baltimore has to offer!

So to start the birthday/valentine’s day off right- Ned and I ventured to Hunt Valley to stuff ourselves silly! And that we did! I got the beef brisket sandwich with a HUGE pickle as my side. The meat is so tender and so incredibly flavorful – its almost amazes me every time I have it. At first I poured the classic barbeque sauce on my beef and then for the second half I used the carolina style, (mustard based) which is so tangy and interesting. Definitely my favorite of the two.

Here’s a shaky shot of the poke! (Oinky oinky delicious pig!) See that pink? Its a good sign of how tender and how well they smoked these babies. The extent to which the flavor is imbued is this meat is a true testament to how smart and talented Andy Nelson and his pit crew are. These ribs are the best. No doubt.

And Ned got some sides: cornbread, potato salad and collard greens. I think the favorite was the potato salad- so very tangy and light, even though you know its mayonnaise based. The collard greens are nice and flavorful too, definitely seasoned well, but boy there are a lot in that little bowl! The only stink Ned had about the joint, (and this is coming from the man who said less than 5 minutes after we left- ‘can we get this next Saturday?’) was that they did not have macaroni and cheese. But in my opinion, macaroni and cheese is a sometimes fake tasting and unnecessarily heavy food and there is no reason for it to vie with the meat as the thing that puts you over the edge! (Does that make any sense at all, really? :-D)

And oh the sweet tea! I mix the sweetened with the unsweetened, half and half to wet my whistle. Drinking sweet tea with this amazing barbeque is definitely superior to any soda or water…. well beer could have been good too, but no liquor license!

I have and will continue to make this my favorite Saturday lunch meal of choice for as long as pigs can’t fly!

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  1. One thing I have discovered and love about the Southern US is bbq…can’t get enough!

  2. ohmygosh, i love it there. its so nice to sit outside in the summer (in the parking lot, ha) and eat some delicious bbq. jealous!

  3. hmm i am SOOOO curious as to what type of BBQ sauce is your favorite. 😛 I am no BBQ sauce expert, but I’d LOVE to find out more because i looove that stuff. My favorite is BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches!

  4. […] definitely a good buy when it comes to bar-b-que but the quality doesn’t seem to match up to Andy Nelson’s. If you are ever in the neighborhood and feel the need for some oinker, check it […]

  5. […] is their menu- pretty cheap, eh?? And the portions are just as big as Andy Nelson’s up in B-more but maybe that was because the chef was being extra generous that night (as he […]

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