Lovely Scallops, Endive & Greens

February 19, 2009 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Cookbooks, Dinner | 3 Comments

Bouchon was our inspiration for the Valentine’s Day/ Birthday Feast on Saturday. Bouchon, oh lovely, Bouchon making our culinary skills better and expanding our palettes. There is nothing better! And the next best thing other than that is that this meal took only about an hour to prepare! (And this is coming from the crazy kitchen team who on our first date spent 3 hours preparing dinner! I don’t know if this meal rivals that one, but alas I digress…)

We meant to start off with the poached egg frisée salad with duck bacon lardons, but the scallops were ready first so we jumped at them! The scallops are resting atop a bed of endive that was braised in an fresh herb, orange and honey liquid.  Below you can see our side: the sautéed spinach with garlic confit (LOVE IT!) and the delectable salad.

So for the scallops dish, we were supposed to cut a nub out of the bottom of each endive piece and let it sit upright in a big ol bed of salt for 12 hours to remove the bitterness (kinda like how you make an X on the bottom of a brussel sprout?) Well we got about 4 hours in of “salt time” and after eating them, you can definitely agree that the 12 hours is necessary. The braising or poaching liquid smelled like tea while it was “brewing” but then when we reduced it to make the sauce it tasted heavenly with the scallops. This is definitely the best way we have paired orange with scallops (as compared to this time!). It never ceases to amaze me how well scallops go with sweet sauces!

On the side was some spinach! Another amazing thing is how much spinach shrinks when you cook it just a bit in a hot pan. It was cooked with some shallots and then garlic confit was tossed in the mix at the last minute. Garlic confit, which I screwed up a while ago, is amazing. Basically you cook garlic cloves in oil (alot of it- enough to cover the cloves completely, but then you can save it for sauteeing later!) over low heat for about 40 minutes. The strong flavor subsides and leaves glorious spreadable heaven!

The last savory part of our meal, (next was the lemon soufflé!) was this delectable salad. And I even think we one-upped the Bouchon recipe, because instead of just normal bacon- we used DUCK BACON!! whoopee! Thank you Wegmans, again and again.  Frisée is a delightful salad green and the duck fat vinaigrette clinged onto it perfectly! Ned poached an egg for his salad, and he taught me how to do it! Not really that hard, just requires some practice. I think this salad might be Ned’s quintessential last meal if he ever had to choose (similar to last week’s Top Chef!).

So all in all, this meal was pretty easy to prepare, (with two experts in the kitchen! ha! :-P) and it was pretty healthy (definitely necessary after the barbeque lunch)! And best of all, my bunny loved it!



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  1. I think garlic confit can be used on just about anything!! and duck bacon?! Will have to check that out! (p.s. thanks for the nod to our site!)

  2. That looks so good! Bouchon is a wonderful cookbook. I feel as if I learn something every time I pick it up.

  3. Wow, what a fantastic meal! I love the Bouchon cookbook, and I’m impressed that you were able to make this in such a short amount of time!

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