Big Bad Wolf BBQ

April 2, 2009 at 7:43 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 6 Comments

Sweet Coralie made a big recommendation to check this place out whenever Ned and I had a hankering for some bar-b-que at cookbook club last month. Well we didn’t wait long (less than 24 hours :-D) to try it out after I knew it existed!

This place is definitely a good buy when it comes to bar-b-que but the quality doesn’t seem to match up to Andy Nelson’s. If you are ever in the neighborhood and feel the need for some oinker, check it out!

First thing we tasted was the mac and cheese, which apparently is a barbeque house staple (Ned’s vast knowledge). A.N. does not have this on their list of sides and that is just not cool! Well this macaroni was cheesy and savory, perfect start to the meal.

I got the pork barbeque, and it was nice and juicy but it didn’t have that developed flavor that I am accustomed to. The sauces were interesting, two kansas city ones that both Ned and I got but somehow those flavors escape my memory right now.

Next were the baked beans, with celery and onions. These had a more traditional flavoring, which I enjoyed, in contrast to the weird spicy beans A.N. has.

Lastly, Neddy got the half rack of ribs, which were like $8! See- good buy! In contrast to $13.83 at A.N. So that price gap is substantial, but so is the richness of flavor that these ribs lacked! They were definitely edible and Ned finished them off like a good eater! But not as shining as a star as we hoped they would be.

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  1. hey thanks for visiting again! it feels good to blog again, huh?

  2. That is the perfect name for a BBQ joint. It’s absolutely adorable! And that macaroni and cheese looks completely scrumptious.

  3. I have been wondering about AN. So many of the chowhounds have contradictory thoughts. Ill try there first next time I’m hungering for BBQ.

    Btw… looks like you use wordpress. Do you like it? It seems so much more complicated than regular old Dreamweaver, but also a good option.

    also, Thanks for adding me to your links!

  4. First of all, I also told you to eat there but we can overlook that issue because the biggest issue is that you don’t think it’s the best! Did you have the spicy cherry sauce…no well then go back. And I don’t know if you can compare it to Andy Nelson’s if there is no Mac and Cheese. I don’t think Big Bad Wolf’s is the best Mac and Cheese but at least they have it. Well lets continue this discussion Friday…

  5. good to know…i drive by all the time and wonder…now i may just take a turn in and order a bit o bbq! thanks for the tip!

  6. I just found out Big Bad Wolf’s is doing a fundraiser on Jan 18 2010 for an orphanage in Haiti called Wings of Hope. You get a free pulled pork sandwich when you donate $20.00 to the orphanage. So go try the pulled pork for free and feel good about doing something for the people of Haiti.

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