Inventive Harvest Table

April 20, 2009 at 6:43 pm | Posted in Brunch, Travels | 5 Comments

About a week and a half ago, last Saturday morning, Ned and I woke up pretty early to a nice rainy day- and I convinced him to venture down to Tide Point for some definite creative breakfast food! Harvest Table is definitely a hidden little gem right next to the water in South Baltimore.

We had a lovely morning feast, I only wish we could have ventured out for another new brunch place this past Saturday… It seems that I get a little too rambunctious on playgrounds and I may have torn my ACL or meniscus last Thursday. I’ll know in a couple of days! So Ned and grandma and Laurita have been wonderfully taking care of gimp Elizabeth. Cooking and exciting new restaurants might slow down for a week or two. We’ll see what happens, but for now- check out our feast!

Ned got the ‘Grilled croissant layered with eggs, provolone cheese, wilted spinach and finished with a carrot-mango sauce.’ He absolutely loved his breakfast. The croissant was the perfect buttery base for the rest of the ingredients. He loved the eggs with the spinach and that cream sauce is to die for! When I took a bite, I got some of the tomato with the cream sauce and that sauce has a beautiful creamy flavor- its rich without being heavy. Definitely will choose this one the next time we go!

I got the ‘Chicken Pancakes with Pear Salsa Shredded potato, boneless chicken sauteed golden with pear salsa, vinaigrette greens and sour cream.’ This definitely was a far cry from my normal brunch choices (which usually include belly busting cream and butter concoctions!) and I was very happy about that. Now chicken pieces with potato hash? And then carrots with a cilantro sauce? Sounds totally random but it was so healthily delicious. They use very fresh ingredients and in very inventive ways. Now this isn’t a dish I would necessarily crave (like the dish above!) but I felt very well nourished and not overwhelmed by a sugar coma!

The location for Harvest Table is definitely an interesting space. Very Switzerland esque, wide open with high ceilings and industrial modern architecture. Ned and I remarked that we felt like we were back in Switzerland, we were only there for a day on a train adventure from Paris to Venice, but it was a very cool country!Β  Overall this restaurant has very creative dishes and a interesting locale- definitely check it out if you are ever in Locust Point!

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  1. The chicken pancake with the pear relish is my go-to at Harvest Table! So unique! And I too had the same reaction about the decor – very euro, kind of random, but still welcoming. I’ve only been for brunch but I have a friend who works in Tide Point and she says they go there for lunch a lot…maybe someday I’ll try their lunch options.

  2. It’s been a while since I’ve visited, my hubby actually used to manage at that location, when it was Daily Grind. Will have to venture down there again sometime soon!

  3. I am sorry to hear about your knee! I tore my *something* in my cliff-jumping knee sailing 2 years ago, and it SUCKS. So I hope you are ok and don’t need surgery. Lemme know!

  4. Ok. So when I first read “Chicken Pancakes” I was a little worried… but, after reading your post IT MAKES SENSE! Sounds perfect. Love your posts – keep them coming πŸ˜‰

  5. and ps- i love bird and the bee! so much!

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