A Hop, Skip and a Jump to G&M

July 1, 2009 at 10:38 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 7 Comments

A couple of Sundays ago, Ned stranded himself at the airport for a couple hours (keys in checked bag that did not accompany his flight! :-o).  Since he was starving and I was very much looking forward to eating dinner with him, I suggested that I swing by and pick him up and then voyage over to the airport’s closest restaurant! G&M! Lucky for us the wait wasn’t too long and the crabcakes were pretty darn good.

It’s always an interesting thing hearing from Baltimore natives as to where they feel they get the best crabcake! I think Faidley’s may still have our #1 choice, with G&M in close second! Where is your favorite place?  Check out the monster below!

Yep, it’s a monster! Quite big and quite alot of crab meat, but it lacked some brightness and zing. Maybe I should have put some more lemon juice on it… I went “cheap” and got the crab cake sandwich (I chose crackers instead of bread!) that comes with no sides.

Ned got the crab cake platter and chose green beans (for me!) and french fries with gravy. His eyes lit up when he saw other diner’s french fry plates with gravy! I scoffed at the gravy (cause well the thought of eating brown liquid fat has just never been appetizing!) He thoroughly enjoyed the potatoes and enjoyed the crab cake, but we decided that the filling used at Faidley’s has a bit more flavor.

Just look at that lump! If you are ever in the area definitely stop in to G&M. It’s a Baltimore establishment and they know how to make a mean crabcake!

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  1. Crab cake love!

  2. oh my gosh, you are making me jealous! there’s only subpar maine crab up here, nothin’ compares to blue crab!

  3. Not bad…

  4. Can I just tell you, we have a friend in from India. He wanted to go to the tourist trap and have crabs. We took him to Phillips at Harborplace. No steamed crabs and the hostess said to us, “I don’t even know if it’s crab season.” What?! Needless to say, we will hit Bo Brooks or another joint this afternoon before he flies home!

  5. I haven’t been there for ages but I remember G and M having a pretty great crabcake. Your pictures certainly make it look good. 🙂

  6. I hear they use “asian” crabmeat, not crabs from the bay. Asian crabmeat just doesn’t have the taste the local stuff has.

  7. You should try Jerry’s Seafood for their “crab bomb”. It is life altering. Also the cream of crab soup:)

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