Oh Happy Day!

July 7, 2009 at 10:07 am | Posted in Dessert, Entertainment | 2 Comments

So yesterday I felt energized enough to try to make it to the apartment pool right after I got home from work and before I made dinner!  The pool you see, is very good for helping to recuperate my knee!  Well I wobbled over to the top of the hill to peer down to see if it was open and as I walked closer, whatever did I see, but some red dots adorning some bushes! After closer inspection I deduced that those were not just any ol red dots, they were FRESH RASPBERRIES!! 😀 Check out one of the bushes right here.

So this post has nothing to do with me cooking anything, but I daresay this will probably be the food highlight of my week, (that and my amazing soup that I made, stay tuned for Thursday!)

Oh just look at my happy crazy mug. It’s delight, you see, DELIGHT!!

And a close up of the babies. They might be a little more tart than I am used to, probably should have waited til they ripened up a bit on the bush…but whateva!!

Exhibit A: My porch with the white towel adorned chair. Exhibit B: The green bushes to the right of the sidewalk. Exhibit C: My utter happiness that I moved this spring!



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  1. You are so cute. Is that a self-portrait? It’s awesome. I am jealous of both your raspberry bushes and your pool. xox

  2. We had a raspberry bush at our old house…they never made it in the door…the kids ate them right off the bush! I’m surprised you have such a full bowl…I’m guilty too…I would’ve eaten them! -kristin

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