Berry Picking in Charlotte, VT!

July 29, 2009 at 9:42 am | Posted in Dessert, Entertainment, Travels | 3 Comments

On one slightly humid afternoon last week, Mom, Auntie Catherine, Caroline and I went off in search of delicious fruit! Fortunately for us, there was a farm (Charlotte Berry Farm) 10 minutes away from the lake house and boy was it bountiful!

I have never gone berry picking for blueberries or raspberries and I was suprised how easy it was! I think mom took us strawberry picking a long time ago, and I’ve done my share of raspberry picking from my apartment and on the road, but those bushes seemed to be very prickly!  This was a much more pleasant experience, check out my pictures below…

Here we are by the blueberry bushes and I was actually flabbergasted when I realized how easy it is to pull these babies off! Auntie Catherine and I started off in the black raspberry bushes and those babies were tricky! Very few per bush were actually ripe and so we walked about a quarter of a mile through those rows to get three quarts between us! Blueberries, on the other hand, are soooo easy to get a ton of. I could stand at one bush and nearly fill up one quart! We got like three of those buckets full and I am still eating them a week out!

My little cousin Caroline is getting so big! And she is very adept at picking raspberries!  These red raspberry bushes are much less prickly than the varieties I have encountered before and they were very plentiful! The only problem was that we got about three quarts full and then it started drizzling and they kicked us out! Apparently once a human hand touches a wet berry, a fungus can grow and spread due to the oil deposits from our skin. So I was cool with stopping! (no need to ruin berries for everyone else..)

This is my “Hey look! I found raspberries!” requisite shot. Boy I love berries!

And here is our last view of the big berry hut as we were quickly jetting out when the heavy rain started! Boo rain.  So of course I neglected to take a shot of the multitude of berries that we picked, (like two full cardboard flats!), but trust me they were beautiful and delicious. I can’t wait to do this next year!



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  1. you are such a nerd with that pic of your face, i love you! and welcome back, i missed your blogging.

  2. you are a goofball, and I love it!

  3. I would give anything to have wild berry bushes around here. Last summer. my father brought me some berries that looked like raspberries, saying he picked them off a bush in his backyard, wondering if it was the real deal. Well, unfortunately, they turned out to be Mulberries, which are nuisance bushes that grow into nuisance trees. Oh well..maybe I’ll get lucky and find a place like you did! Great photos of those blueberries, and it looks like you had a blast! Can’t wait to see what you make with all those gorgeous berries!

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