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August 20, 2009 at 9:29 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 6 Comments

Two Friday’s ago we had an exciting thing to celebrate: Laurita passing her PRAXIS test! 😀 So she joined Ned and me and we had a fantastic night on the town! We first stopped at Brewer’s Art for some predinner cocktails and to show off our chi-chi outfits! We had a late reservation at Salt, I prefer that actually, because its so not Baltimore typical and because its very European, or any big(ger) city, like.

This dinner was an ANTI-restaurant week dinner. Ned and I don’t really enjoy doing restaurant week, since its usually so crowded and the food is never that good, (one because of the overwhelmed kitchen and two because of the limited menu choices). So we were happy to see that Salt was not involving itself in Restaurant week for the weekend! Check out the superbly satisfying delights below…

Laurita ordered a strawberry mojito, Ned a sapphire and tonic and we all ordered an Albariño, a Spanish white. Laura’s drink was refreshing and had a good amount of fresh fruit. After Ned tasted Laura’s drink, he wished he had ordered that, and I was satisfied with just wine, because I was driving!

Here is Ned’s appetizer: a Heirloom Tomato and Cucumber Salad – ‘Lightly fried squash blossom stuffed with buffalo milk taleggio, ice wine vinaigrette, micro basil.’ The dressing was very sparingly applied onto the tomato to accentuate the true delicious flavor of the heirloom and Ned appreciated that very much. The squash blossom was very good contrast to the texture of the tomatoes and cucumbers.

Laurita ordered the Crab, corn, and avocado dish with a spicy dressing. I think this was the tastiest thing of the evening! The fresh crunchy corn tasted so great against the succulent crab and fatty avocado and the spicy dressing brought it all together.

I ordered the big delicious duck fatty babies! Well there were alot of fries… and they were salted and seasoned perfectly. This was more of a whole table appetizer and Ned and Laura obliged me to chow down alot! It came with a trio of aiolis; a malt vinegar, chipotle pepper, and truffle. The last time I came to Salt, I swooned over the truffle, but this time I felt the truffle was lacking in some intensity and favored the chipotle the most! Oh I wish I could eat these every day, they are just to die for.

Laurita got the lobster and chanterelle pot pie, and it came with watermelon and coleslaw. She liked the crust, but the vegetables inside reminded her too much of the frozen bag variety. She thought it would have been better with just mushrooms and delicious meat! The sauce was really creamy and homey. She also really liked the fresh and chilled watermelon, the perfect palate cleanser for the meal! The coleslaw was good, but didn’t seem to be extrememly special or anything.

Ned said his entree was “yummy!” (Ned pretended to be too lazy to explain his dish to me just now, but somehow found the inspiration and energy… :-P) The suckling pig was exceedingly tender as suckling pig should be. He wished the skin could have been a little crispier, but it was still very flavorful. The black beans had a chili flavor and reminded him of baked beans, they were a wonderful traditional accompaniment to his suckling pig. The fried plaintains, were tender, well cooked, and added a nice sweet complement to the pork.

I ordered three monsters and that is what I got! The Grilled Giant Prawns came with ‘roasted chickpeas, lemon, olive oil, and a garlic brioche.’ I have never had such amazingly delicious large crustacean meat. Whenever I have had lobster in the past it has always struck me as being chewy, and that is something that my palate just cannot take. But this meat turned out to be so tender and just fell apart, and the butter and herbs paired lathered on top just added extra heaven. The chickpea salad left something to desire, I wanted more warm sides I think. But the suuuuper buttery brioche toast was just so intrinsically satisfying!

Lastly, for dessert, we went simple because we were soooo stuffed from the whole dinner. Peanut butter cup, salted caramel, and some sort of nut combination which we cannot remember! After handing them around, each of us had different favorites, so it worked out well! And the chocolate dipped cones really made it fancy.

The service at Salt is just impeccable, all while being casual and friendly. Jane, the part owner and maitre d’, opens the door to the restaurant to welcome us in as soon as we hit the sidewalk in front. So all in all, please go there, if it works for your budget, this a no brainer for Baltimore. It actually is my favorite place to celebrate and have a very nice dinner because it is so cozy and you get such amazing treatment. But, I am looking forward to Woodberry Kitchen for my annual birthday celebration in two weeks!!! 😀

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  1. Oh my! EVERYTHING looked delicious. What a beautiful experience.

  2. i went there for restaurant week and i am a believer not. had the pork shank, which was ridiculous. i will definitely be returning for non-restaurant week. everything you had looks absurd.

  3. I can’t wait to hear about your Woodbury Kitchen experience! I just read about it in Bon Apetit. And I never made it to salt- it opened while I was still living in Patterson Park, so it was like 5 blocks away. laaaazy KT. But I want to go now! xox PS- Plan on hanging out with me on Thanksgiving weekend!

  4. I LOVE Salt! :o) The fries cooked in duck fat are AMAZING! I like the malt vinger aioli the best. I’ve also had the giant prawns and wasn’t too impressed with the chickpea salad either. But overall the food and service there was great! I also liked the bread and the service was EXCELLENT! I can’t wait to hear about Woodberry Kitchen. It’s next on my list…

  5. Wow SALT sounds beyond delicious – I need to add this place to my list!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the idea of the ice cream cones….yummy 🙂

  6. […] been a little too chewy and squishy for me to like it and Ned hated that! When I had the prawns at Salt I started to realize that crustacean (excluding my sweet crabbies) could be […]

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