Strawberry Treats for My Birthday LoveFeast!

September 3, 2009 at 5:35 am | Posted in Dessert, Entertainment, Travels | 12 Comments

So yes, today is my 27th birthday (and “uncle” Bob’s!!!) and although some of you might think I am mighty young, Jesus Me! I am so old! 😀 Ahhh, anyways-I am so blessed to have such a wonderful network of family and friends in this glorious city of Baltimore. And 14 of my dear friends and loved ones who live here are honoring me greatly by joining me at Woodberry Kitchen tonight for the biggest birthday feast ever!

Can you imagine?? A LoveFeast for sure!! So because I am (in my humble opinion) a baking overachiever and I can’t really accept the fact that all of my friends are spending lots and lots of their hard earned moola just for my birthday, I had to do something to show my sincere gratitude! I figured that everyone likes chocolate chip cookies and I remembered this divine recipe I made last year, so I whipped up a big batch on Sunday and finished my packages on Monday night! Aren’t those strawberries just the bees knees?? I love martha stewart crafts!!!



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  1. Oh my gosh, that is disgustingly cute. And happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday (again)!! What’s the chance of any leftover cookies making their way to Alexandria??? 🙂

    • awwwh damn erica! There are no leftovers! I ate them on Monday hehehee

  3. We hope you enjoy your ~LoveFeast~, your family & friends, and your evening out! Happy Birthday! Chris Ann & Kristin


    Those cookies look super fabulous!!!

  5. YUMMY! They made a fine breakfast after being stuffed last night.

  6. hi elizabeth,
    your facebook led me to your blog, which i am now going to read religiously! i am nowhere near the chef you are, but am a total sucker for food porn.
    as for your birthday, i hope it was happy! jesus me- you are too cute. we are both old!

    • why thank you mary! I read yours every once in awhile and I will add it to mine!

  7. Beautiful packaging and the cookies look delicious!

  8. I just found your blog–it’s great!

    Don’t worry about feeling old at 27–today is my half birthday (halfway to 28!) and I feel old too!

  9. […] always go the way we hope! But it will be okay, cause I made him chocolate chip cookies, the realllllllly good ones and we are having dinner at FIESTA MEXICANA!! wOO […]

  10. […] tonight. 120 to be exact! A double batch of this NY Times recipe. Which I have made here and here. It has kinda become a staple “favor” recipe for me and people go bonkers for it, so […]

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