My 27th Birthday Party at Woodberry Kitchen

September 15, 2009 at 10:58 pm | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 9 Comments

So approximately two weeks ago I turned 27 years old! And to commemorate the occasion I invited my friends and loved ones to accompany me to one big Lovefeast! I don’t think I have ever had such a fantastic time feasting and laughing and smiling with the people I love! Woodberry opened up the side room and we had one long table to accomodate all 14 of us!

The food was really great and the ambience excellent. But we did have some hang ups- neglecting Ned’s appetizer order and there was slow service at some points, but overall it was a great time. Check out our delicious dishes below!

We started out the night with a cocktail hour and I chose the Birds and the Bees- ‘Fruit liqueur, local honey, lemon twist, cava.’  Many of the rest of the ladies at the table got this also and boy was this some nectar of the gods! Superb.  Ned ordered the Plantation –‘Single barrel bourbon, smoked honey, California port, whiskey barrel bitters’ and he looooooved the smokiness of the drink.

Here is Laurita’s shrimp tempura appetizer- ‘Asparagus, onion, mushroom, soy, ginger.’ Well, I have no idea if she liked it or not cause I was too busy chowing down on my baked stuffed clams! Bacon and herbs and seafood is always a winner in my book. I ordered it last year and am very glad I did the same this time around.

Here was Lisa’s crab pot appetizer-‘Lump crab, cream cheese, sherry, toasts.’ Quite the portion of a darn good crab dip! So much that she offered some up to me and boy did I chow down!  Lisa gave it two thumbs up, and this is after honing her crab tasting skills all week with different crab concoctions from several restaurants in the area.

I ordered the Rosato-Braised Short Ribs –  ‘Corn custard, roasted onions, tomatoes, wine sauce.’ I previously had fish on my last birthday visit and wasn’t too impressed (from my recollection) so I decided I was going beef for my birthday!  The meat was really rich and flavorful and the roasted onions and tomatoes added good flavor combinations. The corn custard was strange though… I’d rather leave custards to be reserved for sweet things…

Ned got the soft shell crab atop a whole bunch of delicious vegetables and he was very satisfied with his choice. It’s funny cause I absolutely loathe the idea of eating a whole crab like that, and I’m glad he could eat it out for dinner, because those babies are not coming near my kitchen ever!  He said he wished that there had been more sauce to offset the crispy crab, but the crab was cooked perfectly.

Lisa, my bestest lunch buddy I could ever ask for, got the Marvesta Shrimp & Noodles – ‘Rocket pesto, potato, spelt pasta.’ She absolutely loved it and I think had an even better time eating the leftovers the next day with me! I think the pesto gave the dish immense flavor and the noodles were just succulent and divine.

Here is Ned’s macchiato. How adorable for my adorable one! Serious coffee is definitely something needed after a long rich meal.

And here was my birthday treat!! I love how they knew my name and how old I was turning, definitely a special touch! From my drunken recollection this chocolate cake with the ice cream was just insane. I mean come on, my two favorite dessert components!!

Here is a shot of the majority of the party-goers! It was about 11:30 when we took this shot! Time of my life! I love these guys and I am soo thankful they love me so much to have a fantastic dinner with me on my birthday.

All in all, this restaurant is certainly the place to celebrate a special occasion. I wonder if we would have had less people that night we would have gotten faster service, but then again our dinner party finally was complete an hour after our scheduled reservation time… One would think that knowing how many there would be in the party would have prepared them for such a big night… So at the end of the night, the waitress took us outside and took a picture using my camera and an unknown one. Minutes later they handed me a card with a printed copy of this exact picture! What a nice treat!  Another memorable plus to the evening was when two of my friends were distasterously lost. I handed my phone to the maitre d and he was able to speak to my friend in Polish to successfully get them to the restaurant! I was very thankful for that.

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  1. Oh hooray, finally! 🙂 And I didn’t realize you’d eaten there before, lucky duck! That’s so nice that you have such a big group of friends to celebrate your birthday with you.
    Check out an article in the NYTimes about Portland’s food scene (even a food blogger gets a shout-out!):

    • Oh that article is fantastic! Lucky YOU KT!! Now where are you going to go on your birthday??? Is michael still going to be in town then?

      • We’re going to be in Buffalo, NY for Mikey’s friend’s wedding. But I’ve made him promise that we’ll do something special for my birthday NOT on their wedding night! 🙂

      • Buffalo?? Oh I will have to get Ned to figure out the best place to go!! ned’s parents know the good places and usually go out to a nice dinner every saturday night!

  2. Is Ned from Buffalo? We’ll be flying in and in W. Seneca, specifically. xoxo

    And that language is Romanian! I had to google translate it! 🙂

    • Hell yeah Ned is from Buffalo! Wow those were some nice romanian comments you received! How the heck did they find you! West seneca, I will forward it on.

  3. It must be the season for birthday dinners. We’re off to The Wine Market tonight for a birthday gathering. Was hoping for Woodberry Kitchen since we’ve never been…First time at The Wine Market as well.

    • Yes seems that people like to get their “cuddling” on very much around New Year’s!! Have fun at the wine market!! You’ll get to woodberry soon enough! Not like its going to close 🙂

  4. Oh I just randomly heard about the Woodberry Kitchen a few days ago looking for fun restaurants around and am now determined to go! That looks like an amazing bday dinner!

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