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October 2, 2009 at 7:37 am | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 6 Comments

My dear dear amiga Jesica has been traveling alot this month, as have I! We finally had a night in Baltimore when we were both free and so Jesica declared that she wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner! She told me to find a restaurant and I so obliged! Ned and I were looking at the City Paper Best of Baltimore Issue and I saw that the readers had voted Blue Hill Tavern as the best new restaurant in town. I figured that would be the perfect new place to check out!

We wined and dined and had a lovely evening on the terrace! The food was actually very impressive and totally delicious. Check out our fare below..

The expansive space at Blue Hill is indeed impressive. The soft dark blue lighting and very nice collection of artwork on the walls creates a sophisticated space. There are two bar spaces, one inside and one on an open air terrace. The open air terrace reminds me of many top floor bars in New York City, with the low couches and dark corners.

Jes and I started with cocktails when we sat down to our meal. I got the blueberry sweet tea -‘Blueberry-infused vodka, sweet tea vodka, simple syrup, iced tea’ and she got the cucumber martini -‘Cucumber-infused vodka, simple syrup, fresh cucumber’. Both creations were pure concoctions, perfectly reminiscent of their inspiration. Very tasty and a nice light way to start our meal.

After I made our reservation I saw that Elizabeth Large was about to do a review and raved about the bread at Blue Hill on her blog! I was eagerly awaiting a taste of these carbohydrates… Well, I would have to say that this was good bread, but not the best I have had in Baltimore. After trying to recall better bread all I could come up with was Crush and Woodberry! So all things considered, this was very nice bread, of the french and cinnamon raisin varieties. I would rather have cinnamon raisin for breakfast, but the french tasted great with the olive oil and butter (verrrrry good butter!). Anyways, bread is not that important in the scheme of things so on to the food!

This was an amazing tomato soup. ‘Tomato and roasted red pepper soup, fontina cheese, white truffle buttered wedges.’ When I think of tomato soup I think of a watery tomato flavor, but this creation was creamy, so much so that it was not too heavy, but rather perfectly luxurious to my tongue! The flavor was so pure, they must have been heirlooms from the farmers market. They paired the soup with two grilled cheeses, both with fontina and some truffle butter! I love truffle, I mean I LOVE TRUFFLE. I love it so much I can remember the flavor of course number six from this dinner with perfect taste clarity! Anyways, the truffle in this meal was an extra little touch that I very much appreciated. The sandwiches were perfectly toasted, although they appear a little burnt… (thats just my photography!)

Jes went light and got the waldorf salad for her entree! ‘Iceberg, buttermilk, blue cheese, apples, walnuts’- it was actually the perfect portion because she finished hers when I finished devouring mine! (And I gave her several bites of mine because it was wayyyy to good to enjoy myself.) The apples had been soaked in sugar water or something and that gave them a nice and tasty texture and flavor. The blue cheese was fantastic and bright and each bite comprising all of these ingredients was really satisfying to the palate.

I went cannibal (as my nickname from Neddy is bunny!) and got the rabbit! It was a ‘Sous vide leg, frenched rack, speck wrapped loin, thyme polenta, herb demi and huckleberry compote’- and wow I went crazy mad eating this dish. I don’t think I have had such a tender meat with a absolutely fantastic sauce as this in a long time. My favorite part of the meat was the speck wrapped loin (come onnnn bacon!) and the polenta was so creamy I swear it tasted like mashed potatoes. Green beans and peas are my favorite vegetable so I was happy to have some fresh ones to eat with this demi glace. This meal might have been a little heavy for September, but it was fantastic.

All in all, this place is very chic and does their food right, I will most certainly come back to celebrate a special occasion!

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  1. Hi Lizzie, that dinner looks yummy. And I have never been to the MD State Fair! Only the Harford County one, and yes, the Common Ground Fair is better than the county fair! I am working at the Cumberland Fair, staffing a booth for our org. this week. SO MANY CUTE ANIMALS. I am having trouble resisting the urge to buy a Netherland Dwarf rabbit. SO CUTE. It hurts. πŸ™‚ Miss you! You know I am coming home for Thanksgiving right? Wanna eat out? xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, I am posting about cute rabbits and you ate one! πŸ™‚ That tiny rack of ribs is adorable.

  3. dinner looks very good!

  4. When Bob and I took Marth and Scott there, I actually ordered the Sous vide chicken…and mashed potatoes. It was the first time…seriously…that I ordered chicken in a restaurant in maybe 15 or 20 years. I have a thing about ordering something I cook a zillion nights a week. Anyway, I was very glad I did. Absolutely perfect. As I said in a at large comment…someone there has “taste”. Grandma describes someone who cooks well they have a natural “taste”. Someone there does.

  5. […] We’d show up anywhere they wanted to hold it, but we have to say that we’re really excited to get down to Blue Hill, which opened shortly before we left for Europe, and which we haven’t had a chance to visit yet, even though the buzz is good. […]

  6. […] We’d show up anywhere they wanted to hold it, but we have to say that we’re really excited to get down to Blue Hill, which opened shortly before we left for Europe, and which we haven’t had a chance to visit yet, even though the buzz is good. […]

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