Stumbling into Never On Sunday

October 15, 2009 at 9:19 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment | 14 Comments

Well on this trip I didn’t necessarily stumble into Never On Sunday, but past trips have been such! So Ned and I went to the Oktoberfest celebration atย  Timonium Fairgrounds for a good while on Saturday and then later in the evening headed down to Canton and Fells Point. He went to watch the Buffalo Sabres win and I went over to my buddy Renee’s house to catch up on some things!! We met up later in the night for dinner at 11:30 and stopped by our late night standard- Never on Sunday. Usually when we come to this establishment it is fullllllll of crazy intoxicated fools, but at 11:30 pm it is very respectable and we even chatted with the owner for a while!

It was pretty hard to get a shot of a corner building, but it wasn’t hard to get a picture of my crazy darling and our eats, so check it out below! And a FYI to my readers, this post begins my own “restaurant” week, since I have had many events to attend to out and about, I have not been cooking dinner!

Well because it was not very crowded, (actually pretty empty) Ned and I walked right up to the counter and ordered our food. I realized I wanted to blog about this so I went back to get my camera out of the car (a block away) and proceeded to get some shots of the outside! I came in and Ned was still waiting! Then I proceeded to get the lenses all ready for some fresh and warm food shots and we were still waiting! So I got this beautiful picture of my darling boyfriend all disheartened by the fact that we had to wait so long! It probably took about 10 minutes in total, but I figured that because it was so empty it would be quick! Not long after I took the picture, our food arrived! See below…

So I got the chicken souvlaki and it is just sooo good. The fresh tomatoes, onions and dill with yogurt sauce and fresh grilled marinated chicken is so healthy and tasty. Ned usually gets the lamb version of this (gyro) and well it looks exactly the same but different meat! (Not pictured…) It makes me happy that if I want to eat something hot, fresh, and healthy there is certainly an option here, not just pizza and wings and fries….

And for our unhealthy portion of the dinner, we get waffle fries. We usually take all of this home so we can doctor up some dipping sauces for the order of fries. Mayo and Dijon Mustard & Mayo and Ketchup and maybe even some truffle oil with mayo to bring some Salt to the table! ๐Ÿ˜€

We love this place and will continue to be stopping by on late Friday and Saturday evenings as long as we live in Baltimore.

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  1. That is making me seriously hungry, Elizabeth!

    • hehe don’t those tomatoes look like they are jumping off the screen?

  2. I’ve never actually been in to Never On Sunday, but I have had takeout from there. Might have to try it next time we’re in the neighborhood, because I love some chicken souvlaki!

    • Yeah you should go!! We missed you at the mobbies gala last night! Congrats on getting the banner for personal blog!

  3. best thing on the menu = the Dolmades. SOOO good.

  4. I’ve been alternately going to, and avoiding, Never on Sunday for four years now, since I’ve lived in Baltimore — and never once gotten the chicken souvlaki. I am now! Looks fantastic.

    BTW, it was great meeting you and Ned last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • yes, you should not avoid that deeelicious drunk food! Same to you Mary, you are a delight!

  5. I used to live just 3 blocks (or was it two) from there and believe me, I made many late night visits – and some respectable hour visits, too. Their eggplant parm hero is pretty damn good. And the pizza, surprisingly, was the best I had in Baltimore – it was the closest thing to NYC pizza!

    I think my funniest moment with it was one Sunday afternoon when Matt and I were probably hung over and very tired and I did NOT want to cook. He called NOS and was all “why aren’t they open today?!?!?!” and I had to remind him of the name. Tee hee.

    Say hello to Bmore and Mt. Vernon for me!!! I miss that lovely neighborhood. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • I remember your place roopa! It is like 1 block! Eggplant parm gyro? Nice I will have to try that! Yes the pizza is soooo similar to NYC (not that I have expertise with NYC, thats your realm!) haha, but you know its funny, usually we are there on saturday night AFTER midnight, which is techically Sunday… so its funny. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Bmore misses you too! Looks like you had a fantastic wedding and honeymoon! Get back to blogging girl!!

  6. Hey girl, how was the Mobbies party? Did you get an award? And I’ve never heard of that drunk food spot in Bmore, the more the merrier, I say!

    • The mobbies party was really fun! and pshaw, no I didn’t get an award! I was #5! Yeah never on sunday is greatttttt. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Elizabeth–Sadly we didn’t make it to the Mobbies party–we seem to have caught the nasty cold/flu that is circulating around town, and I didn’t think anyone would want to meet a sick food blogger! I’m hoping there are more opportunities like the party to meet local bloggers!

  8. you dont get a prize for 5th?!? psssh. congrats on 5!!!

  9. […] it was walking distance from their apartment!! Usually when we go eating late at night we end up at Never on Sunday, but I was excited to get a healthier sandwich to fill my stomach […]

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