Feasting at the Faire

October 17, 2009 at 10:00 am | Posted in Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 5 Comments

I have been taking trips to the Maryland Renaissance Fair in Crownsville, MD with my girl Sarah for several years now! It is always fun to be able to walk around with her and her man in the nice fall weather, do some window shopping and eat some crazy food, oh and do some major people watching!!!

Here is me as a 3 foot tall elf, it’s very becoming, no??? I don’t know what I’m holding between my legs though… a red pepper?? ah an apple. yummm apple cider for fall…. Now on to the feasting!

Here is a turkey leg. Yup its a turkey leg in all of its crispy flavorful glory. Actually the crispy skin is more like leather, but the meat underneath is soooo flavorful (must have been smoked….). Once you keep knawing on this thing the efforts do get a little bit tiring after awhile… I got the steak on a stake last year and think I will get that instead in the future! Being able to eat a reasonable amount of meat and finish it is much more my style. Nothing beats eating a free form hunk of meat right off the bone though!

This was Ned’s greasy “I drank too much beer at Oktobefest” meal- aka onion rings! They were pretty good. I’m not really a connoisseur of onion rings, although I do recollect the ones from Outback being realllly good, so maybe these aren’t as good as that, but they were highly edible!

And my last snack of the day was this hunk of strawberry “ice cream/sorbet” that was frozen on top of half an orange! This kept me occupied for a solid half hour while we were wandering around.  The strawberry flavor wasn’t overwhelming, but it had a very nice creaminess to it.

The amusing highlights of the day included the funny guy on the tight rope and actually trying to find Sarah once we got there! Apparently there are two turkey leg stands and I can’t read a Renn Fest map to save my life! From looking at the website there are a lot more food attractions that I could actually find! So make sure you poke around if you have the chance to visit to find the good food!



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  1. That turkey leg looks magically delicious.

    • yup just like lucky charms! I guess I do look like the lucky charms guy in that first picture, eh?

  2. I was planning to head to the faire this coming weekend–I’ll have to take some of your advice (although the turkey still does look quite fun to eat…)

  3. Elizabeth! You missed the fried Twinkies and fried Mac and Cheese on a stick! Classic Renn Fest Fare! Although I doubt that Twinkies were around in the 1500s…

    • haha, yeah I was trying to stay away from too many treats! those are classics though erica!

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