Fantastic Fiesta Mexicana

October 19, 2009 at 12:21 pm | Posted in Dessert | 8 Comments

About a year ago I met Renee and about 10 minutes after meeting her and telling her that I was Mexican she told me that I had to go with her to this restaurant- Fiesta Mexicana!! Well FINALLLY Ned and I accompanied her and Aveline to this wonderful little gem. The owner Federico was so welcoming and remembered Renee from her many visits in the past couple of years!

This place was so hard to find, especially in the dark and without the sign lit up, so just go slow up Philadelphia Road and you should be fine!! The food was just great. Everything I had except for the tostadas, was up to my own Mexican food standards. Now lets see what Abuelita thinks when I take her sometime soon hopefully!

Here is the menu posted right on the counter where you order. Quite a lot of things! And we ordered about half… (very good leftovers for lunch the next day :-D)

And a larger version here!

I told Federico I had some mole with enchiladas when I went to Guadalajara, Mexico in 2004 and didn’t really like it. He brought out his tub of mole spices and I took one whiff and decided I needed to try the oaxacan amazingness again!Β  So the owner Federico is from Mexico City and that location is pretty close to Pueblo and Oaxaca, where the original mole recipe comes from, so I trusted that he had the knowledge to make it up right.

For one of our appetizers, I ordered the guacamole with chips. The guacamole consisted of avocado, onion, cilantro and lime. I liked it very much, but I wish it had some tomato chunks too! The lime really made it light and healthy tasting.

Renee ordered the queso fundido with some warm flour tortillas. He used Oaxacan cheese, lots of sauteed mushrooms and sauteed roasted red peppers. I lovvvvved that cheese. Kind of like mozzerella but better with the accompaniments!

Here was my mole. He filled the enchiladas with shredded chicken and topped them with the mole and a creamy sour cream mixture that he makes up ( aka crema fresca) and with some queso fresco, sesame seeds and onions! The creamy sour cream really added to the flavor explosion in my mouth with the deep flavored mole! They use fresh tortillas made with masa and that really made me happy. That is my favorite variation of tortillas: freshly made with corn flour and some love from your hands. This dish reheated very well the next day. The mole had a spiciness and chocolatelyness that just screamed latino goodness in my mouth! I can’t believe I didn’t like mole in the past…. I guess my palate is maturing.

Here was Ned’s salsa verde enchiladas! Same filling and sour cream, but topped with a salsa made from tomatillos I presume. The cilantro was so pretty too! He loved these very much on Monday night and even more on Tuesday at lunch!

Here was heaven on a plate. It’s called a pambazo and even though I have NEVER EVER had such a sandwich, I was delighted to take two bites of Renee’s entree! A ‘fresh roll smeared with guajillo sauce, flash fried and stuffed with sausage & potato, lettuce, crema fresca, and cheese.’ The flavor of the bun was just sooooo tasty and the sausage and potatoes inside really reminded me of abuelitas asado de plaza. That dish is most certainly going to be on my order next time!

And I saved the last entree to write about my dissapointment. So abuelita makes tostadas for big special occasions for our family and I have gotten to know them verrrrry well. I have yet to post about them, but fear you not I will get there! She takes corn tortillas bought from tortilleria sinaloa and then fries them up so they get nice and puffy and a little bit greasy. Then she takes the shredded chicken (that she previously boiled and then shredded) and fries that up too to get it warm again and really flavorful. So on the tortilla you put some refried beans (made from scratch of course) and pollo and then she adds lechuga, queso fresco, her salsa and cholula, and poof you have a tostada! This version differed from abuelitas because of the tortilla, chicken and beans. Federico uses black beans, plain shredded chicken and a crispy corn tortilla. All it needs is some more frying and it would be up to par as abuelitas.

So as long as I don’t order the tostada, I will be back nice and suuuuper hungry and ready to eat very flavorful and very authentic mexican comida!

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  1. Yeah!

  2. I only had soup for lunch, so needless to say this post made me very very hungry! I spy Aveline. What a cutey!

  3. Wow, what a great looking place! I was on the fence about what to make for dinner: Thai curry soup or Mexican, and your post tipped the scales. Mexican fiesta!

  4. Love the pambazo!!! have had it several times! can’t resist ordering it again and again!

  5. MMM!!! I want it! I had the enchiladas with tomatillo sauce (like Ned) my first time there and I nearly licked the plate clean, it was so good. Also had the guac which is made really well. Federico is really nice and his wife, Maria not only cooks incredibly, but she plays a mean catcher in rec league softball! I wish their place wasn’t nearly 45 minutes away from me!

  6. Yeah, I was like, oh no, Elizabeth is going to see that I really made soup instead of Mexican! πŸ™‚ And really, I was like well I’ll make the soup and then just have Mexican for dinner. But who wants to cook 2 dinners in one night!? And besides, my Mexican food is totally not bloggable.

  7. […] I make you sick??)Β So anyways, other than my standard go to’s for verrrry good Mexican: Fiesta Mexicana and Baja Fresh (some of their dishes are very authentic, so don’t go bashing my Baja Fresh) […]

  8. […] cause I made him chocolate chip cookies, the realllllllly good ones and we are having dinner at FIESTA MEXICANA!! wOO […]

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