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October 21, 2009 at 7:00 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment | 9 Comments

Minato is a very chic restaurant with a NYC vibe (almost… this is Baltimore, come on!) and that is exactly what we wanted for the Mobbies Gala night! Interestling, I have been reading this book on sushi, Zen of Fish because I want to try to appreciate the true beauty that is sushi making and raw fish. I am halfway through the book and am very entertained with all of the chemistry knowledge that the author discusses. So I took my first foray into eating alot of raw fish that night and I am sooooo pleased that I finally took that plunge. (Our appetizer in Pittsburgh really turned me on to the sashimi experience!)


Minato was quite tasty and we had a very fun waiter. Mad props to Enoch! Even though I can certainly profess that I have no real taste expertise with this preparation of fish, I really enjoyed everything that I ate! Check it out below!


Here was my lychee martini. The flavor wasn’t too sweet, so it was the perfect kind of dry drink that would be good to accompany seafood. Although I didn’t finish it… I think my two drinks at the Mobbies Gala at the Metro Gallery were enough for me that night! (ooh a french martini there, and why don’t I order those allllll the time?? sheesh!)

This is our shared appetizer, the seafood salad, and I really liked it. The perfect amount of sesame, soy sauce and ginger really made this green stuff truly appetizing. And there are some spears of cucumber underneath it all, which I loved.

I got the bento box for my entree so that I could try a bunch of things! I first started off with the ebi yaki- the grilled skewered shrimp. I love the teriyaki sauce on this and they weren’t too overcooked so these were great.

Next was my sushi-sashimi! A white tuna, shrimp, “something”, and salmon! These were sooo tender and flavorful just by themselves. I guess I always thought that raw fish would taste realllly fishy, but that is most certainly not the case! The white tuna was my favorite, it went down sooo smoothly and had a nice delicate flavor.

Next was the red snapper fry and that came with a deeeelicious creamy and spicy sauce. Well, these were fried, so they were of course uber tasty! I liked the pickled cabbage (right?) and ginger with it.

Last thing in my box (ha) was the gyoza – the pork dumplings. My love affair for pork dumplings started with Becca when we went to Marks Duck House in VA and these were not as good. I think the ratio of filling to dumpling wrapper was a bit off and the pork flavor was so intense! I ate them, so they weren’t bad necessarily, just not as delicate as I wanted them to be.

This now begins Ned’s meal! This was the sushi sashimi surf clam. From my vantage point on Wednesday night the red end of this looked really strange! But he really liked it. Last night I took my dad back to Minato to celebrate his birthday and Tuesday night bonus is that the sushi sashimi is $1 a piece! So we loaded up!


These were Ned’s white tuna and yellowtail (?). He loved these and so did I last night!

This was salmon roe. I actually had one of these last week and it was not as scary as I thought it would be. Its really fun to have the bubbles burst in your mouth and they give a very nice and salty flavor which offsets the wrapper and rice underneath.

And the real finale to our meal was this craziness! This is uni – sea urchin and boy does it look like a tongue. Ned was very excited to eat this, and actually got two of these with quail eggs. He scarfed these down. So last night when we went we ordered four of these and Dad and I had ours at the same time! It basically tasted like egg yolk dissolving in your mouth, very unctuous and slimy. I was proud that I actually ate it, but I don’t know if I will ever do it again… Maybe at Masa?!?!?!

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  1. Ahhhh even sushi-loving me will never go back for seconds on sea urchin. I’ll have to check this place out sometime with my sister, she’s a big sushi lover.

  2. I think your post is as close as I need to get to sea urchin! It looks way too much like tongue!

  3. A few thoughts: I think lychees look like eyeballs, I can’t really get down on salmon roe or sea urchin, but I am proud of you for eating them, and did you really make a box joke on your blog!? Love you!

    • haha oh yes I did! funny mood this morning, cause I can’t wait to go to SC tonight!!!!

  4. Bento box…probably the perfect way to eat in a place like Minato. A nice sampling, not too overindulgent.

  5. You should check out the article in Gourmet about crabcakes, mentions Faidley’s in Lexington Market, woot woot! And have fun in SC, can’t wait to read about it!

  6. Sushi, we should make sushi, it’s fun to make though a bunch of work. Very pretty food. It’s yellowfin tuna that you’re looking for.

  7. Looks yum, put me in the mood for sushi!! NYC vibe for Bmore!! Yeah, need more of it!!

  8. Baltimore’s best sushi, in my opinion…

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