Beachside in Kiawah….

October 23, 2009 at 12:00 am | Posted in Travels | 7 Comments

Well ya’ll… I’ll be seeing ya cause I am currently at the beach on Kiawah! Ned and I traveled here for my dearie Kelly who is going to marry sweet Elliot tomorrow! I’ll be back and posting in about a week I would say!

Here is us at Ocean City for her bachelorette weekend. It was a nice windy day that day… so hopefully the wedding day will be warm and breezy and perfect for walking around barefoot on the sand!



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  1. That photo is great. Bring some sunshine back with you…

    • Thanks Tracy!!! I will try!!!

  2. Hey, I love your polaroid effect! Have fun at the beach, very jealous (even though it is nice here in Maine right now!).

  3. It’s a cloudy day, but our nails are done now!! And it’s 81 outside!!

  4. I wrote about some authentic Mexican food, you’ve gotta come visit so we can go to this place together!

  5. Oh dear, that’s not what I meant to post!

  6. Hey, I just joined the Daring Bakers, yay!

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