Our Pilgrimage to Pork

November 2, 2009 at 9:35 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 8 Comments

This was by far the most fun adventure to get a morsel of food! As we were planning our drive down to SC, Ned remembered a barbeque place (Scotts BBQ to be exact..) that he had read about in the New York Times in the summer. So we looked up the location and voila! It was relatively close to being on our way, and this is me counting one hour driving slightly east away from I-95 South and probably an extra hour going through the Marion forest to get back to Charlestown! Well we picked up 2.5 pounds of this glorious meat and it was all devoured by midnight of that night.

It was served with a bunch of barbeque sauce and with several slices of white bread. If that’s not food porn, then I don’t know what is! πŸ˜€

Here is the outside, I love that blue paint. If you think this place looks rustic on the outside, the inside has not changed in 30 years I would say. The inside looks like an old convenience store, with a bunch of chips and baked snacks and t-shirts for sale! Above the counter is a handwritten poster with about 7 options. We got the pulled pork and tried to ask for fried pork skins, but they were out! I don’t know if it was because we got there at 2:30 pm or because it was a Thursday (the first day open of their three day a week schedule), but I reckon that those delicious fresh fried skin bites were snatched up when the place opened!

The ladies behind the counter were sooooo nice. For some strange reason (hunger, perhaps??) Ned figured he could eat 1.5 lbs and I reasoned I could eat 1 lb. So we told the ladies we wanted 2.5 lbs. They put one pound portion into one container and the remaining 1.5 in another. When she handed it to me, she said the lighter box was for now and the rest for later! Boy were they smarter than us! Cause that is all we could eat. But lucky for our bungalow mates awaiting us in Kiawah, we were able to split up the rest of that meat with some more white bread and some potato salad for a nice first night on vacation feast!

Here is the one pounder- the ladies drizzled a big ladle of barbecue sauce atop the meat. Their barbeque sauce is very interesting in that there is a bunch of dried spices collected at the bottom of the vinegar concoction. If you want your sauce alot spicier, they will drag the ladle into those spices and voila! Hot sauce! You can see some of the flecks of spices on the meat…

And here was my drink of choice. Ned went with water, but how could I deny trying strawberry soda?? It was quite tasty. I would have liked some sweet tea also…maybe I didn’t see it listed!

And the best part about eating our pork on site?? Being able to smell the coals from the smoker hut while we ate! I don’t know why it works like that, but being able to waft in that amazing smoke made our pork taste even better.

I really hope Ned finds a job in NC or SC (pipe dream I realize…) so that we can frequent this place as much as humanly possible! But I’m thinking since Ned’s parents have a place in Savannah, GA and will probably retire there at some point soon, we will have a reason to swing by Hemingway, SC!

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  1. Interesting read. I made pulled pork for the first time this weekend. My recipe probably wasn’t authentic, but boy was it good.

    Keep an eye on my blog, I’ll be posting the recipe very shortly and also making the pork again just as soon.

  2. The places that look like they haven’t been updated since they were built always have the best BBQ. If the place is all shiny and new, the BBQ seems to suffer.

    Love the pictures of the pulled pork on white bread–you made something so simple look so good!

  3. I haven’t eaten much pulled pork in my life, but this looks delicious.

  4. Great shots! They’re making me hungry. I definitely need to get to the Carolinas for some pork barbecue…

  5. looks excellent. sounds like their sauce is similar to the “pig dip” you can get a andy nelsons. i went to some out of the way place in the OBX this year (corolla village bbq) and there was some guy there who had driven an hour and half from his home in nc for it. i must say, based on what i got, it was worth his trip. love these hidden/old-school gems.

  6. Yum! Can’t wait to read more about your SC trip. Was this BBQ better than we do in the north?

  7. Pulled pork. Jugged Hare….All new terms to me, I can imagine this is slowly cooked till tender and falling off the bone and then pulled off πŸ™‚ Looks good too…and the smells, I can imagine it from the smoke. Yum

  8. […] Mary Wash while we ate. And the cook came out mid-meal to see how our barbeque was! Not as good as Scott’s but definitely a keeper for our trip. The ‘Slaw on Sand’ is the key for a great bar b-q […]

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