Fried Awesomeness at Rosebanks Cafe

November 10, 2009 at 10:03 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 5 Comments

After the girls got their nails done in preparation for the wedding we headed down the marina “strip mall” and stopped at Rosebanks Farms Cafe! The owner had stopped in to the salon in the morning to say hi to the salon owner and she made sure to say ‘hey- we can bring lunch down here if you like!’ That was a very nice offer, but after our nails got beautified we decided to take our men and go get some awesome fried southern cuisine.

DSC00075This place was surprisingly good! Surprising because the decor is kind of dark and that reminded me of a corner bar kind of feel (and I don’t know about you but dive like corner bars don’t usually have the best food from my experience!) But we were in the south, so that ability to fry some meats and vegetables was in full force! Check it out below…

So first and foremost I would like to thank Kelly for uploading these pictures, as I used her camera for lunch because my monstrosity was back at the bungalow! (yes bungalow…it was up on stilts and so beautifully decorated!)

Ah delicious sweet tea! I usually try to order it half sweet tea/ normal cold tea, because that sweet is usually just way too sweet, even for sweet tooth me! So here is my half and half…


Here is Bethany’s meal, fried catfish, mac and cheese and a baby spinach casserole. She liked the catfish very much and loveeed the spinach casserole. Lots of bread crumbs and cheese (I believe?) and from what I could see I couldn’t tell they were using the baby spinach per say… I think Kel Bel also ordered this fish!


Here was Ned’s fried oyster dish with mac and cheese and a yellow squash casserole. He was so happy to have soooo many oysters. After having another plate of fried oysters in Charleston at Pearlz (see later post coming in the near future!) Ned realized that these ones from Rosebanks were a bit overcooked. Not to say that Ned didn’t finish this whole plate, because he sure did!


Here was Elliot’s sandwich, a buffalo fried chicken breast with lots of blue cheese and homemade sweet potato chips.  The groom to be enjoyed his sandwich thoroughly and even let me try one of the chips and they were enormous! They basically shave the sweet potato longways to make a 5 inch long chip! They were good and I think they were seasoned with a bit of cinnamon and sugar.


Here was the tomato cucumber salad that accompanied my dish. This was a very welcome healthiness to my life full of pork and fried stuff. I mean, I did have a dress to fit in the next day, but that didn’t stop me from eating all of that chicken! I loved the fresh vegetables and it had a nice lightly flavored vinaigrette on it.


And the fried okra that Ned couldn’t stop eating off of my plate! I don’t know what got into him, but he was obsessed and ate nearly the whole plateful! The okra was cut into perfect bite size pieces and they were expertly fried with their delicious batter!


And lastly, the tastiest morsels I had for lunch- the fried chicken!!  Now this chicken did not have any bones and some people might think that was unconventional but I digged it! Mainly because I don’t like having to eat around bones and stuff (except chicken wing bones… now those are do-able.)  The meat perfectly tender and moist and I loved the flavor of the batter. Perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper and it must have been buttermilk because I remember a certain tanginess.


I was so happy with all of the fried concoctions, especially my chicken. This place is great for lunch and a great way to help support the local farm.

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  1. How delicious does all this food look? Fried food = deliciousness!

  2. Oh wow, you guys went at it, huh! Everything is fried, lol, I love it. Wish I had been there.

  3. Ughh!! I am STARVING over here!!!! The world may be wooed by the “subtle nuances” of French cuisine, but I say, Bring on the Fried Goodness! Yum!

    • yay for fried stuff! but oooh la la, I love your blog!! Hope to be using some of your knowledge in the next year!

  4. I want to go to there!

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