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November 16, 2009 at 1:33 pm | Posted in Dinner, Travels | 3 Comments

And the restaurant tour of the South continues!!! So while we were at Kelly’s wedding, we mentioned to her cousin that we were looking (well NED was…) for an awesome oyster bar. She recommended Pearlz and so we decided to have dinner there and my good friend P met us there too! Well conveniently for us, the restaurant was right across the street from Baked! So after taking a nice walking tour of rainbow row and church st from the point, we stopped back in to Baked for a sec and then right back out to Pearlz!

Amazingly they brew their own beer, so we got some of those and got lots of delicious seafood! Check it out!

While Ned and I were trying to decide which kind of fresh seafood to order for our appetizer, Pinal ordered some seafood gumbo! Not the prettiest looking soup but it was exactly what he was looking for to start off.

And next on to Ned’s search for happiness. There were about 5 types of raw oysters on the chalkboard that we could order and he asked the waitress which one she recommended. Well since it was Sunday, they have the local type discounted to $7.99 a dozen and she pushed on that fact! He obliged and was veryyyy happy with his choice…

I figured a nice shrimp appetizer would be the perfect amount of food for me (still full from the baked brownie and ice cream and marshmallow…)  So I got the spicy peel & eat shrimp – ‘Old Bay and Beer boiled, cocktail sauce.’ They were spicy and I loved em! Mixing the horseradish with the cocktail sauce made them even better! The meat was not too tough and you could tell that the meat had an intrinsic nice flavor, not just from the Old Bay or dip.

Now the creme de la creme, the fried oysters! Ned ordered these for his main dish and they came as his hometown style – ‘Buffalo style, spicy pepper sauce, blue cheese & celery.’ After having these fried oysters he realized what it takes to actually make a fried oyster! It is a necessity to have the internal oyster still be soft, but then also have a nice crispy crust and these ones fit that bill!

I somehow was still a bit hungry so I went searching on the menu to have a light entree. I found the fish tacos and well, I had high hopes for these, since the ones I usually get are from Baja Fresh, I figured since I was at a real restaurant they would be better! ‘Grilled Mahi Mahi, crispy cabbage, pico di gallo, fresh crema’- was the description and the meat was nice, but the cabbage and pico de gallo lacked substantial flavor. Just tasted like mayonnaise to me! I needed some kick to these babies..maybe I should have wopped a whole bunch of hot sauce on them…

Pinal went random and got two sides for the rest of his meal. The sauteed okra and green bean/rice concoction. Pinal usually eats vegetarian for most of his home cooked meals so these were a welcome dinner. From what I can remember he liked them pretty well. P – can you update anything specific for your meal? Go to comments!

All in all, this is a great place to get some fresh seafood.  They may not be very good at making mexican food, but they serve up a mean oyster!

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  1. Fried Oysters are good stuff! And the gumbo sounds good right now!

  2. I do love oysters…raw…baked…fried…so good. We had some on Saturday night, but I need more. The colder weather makes me crave them something fierce.

  3. Hey, your duckfat fries at Annabel Lee look SO much better than mine! Way jealous! I mean, c’mon, how do you screw up something fried in duckfat?!?

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