Neddy hits the big 2-8!!!

February 15, 2010 at 5:20 pm | Posted in Dinner | 8 Comments

My darling boyfriend turned 28 this past Sunday. It’s so cute that he’s a Valentine’s Day baby and coincidentally has red hair! He is the reason I have a passion for cooking. Back in 2004 when we started dating, I used to cook a marinated chicken breast for myself on the foreman grill and steam frozen veggies for my meal every night. Can you believe that?? I can’t! And on our first unofficial date, he brought over 5 bags of groceries and we cooked for three hours and had the most amazing meal. I tear up right now thinking about how wonderful it was (salad with roasted pears and champagne grapes, salmon with pistou, and chocolate mousse made from scratch with just a whisk and paired with homemade raspberry sorbet.) I should have dropped to my knees right then and said yes! – I want this man to make me this food for the rest of my life! But I was difficult and made him chase me. 😛 A couple of months later I realized this man was my best friend and there was no way I wanted him to leave my side and we started officially dating.


He continued cooking the cool stuff cause he loved it and so he would in that teeny kitchen in the Broadview and I would sit on my computer and read Perez Hilton,etc and then I would complain about how this or that tasted weird… But then we went to Paris and my whole vision of good food changed. I realized I should open my eyes and be excited about anything and everything that is presented to me on a plate. When we got back I got several cookbooks (Ina, Tyler Florence, and the new best recipe) and so my cooking started to improve because of being inspired by those recipes.

But then we took a nice long break about two years ago and I realized I could entertain my girlfriends and family by spending endless awesome hours in the kitchen concocting delicious things to bring smiles to their faces. And this is how my blog got started- as a way to document my trials and tribulations with baking and cooking. So now that he’s back and here for good- spending endless hours in the kitchen with him is something I absolutely love. I remember that first year of cooking together we made osso bucco and the marrow freaked me out. I was trying to think of something decadent and complicated to make him for his birthday and came back to that idea- so here we go Round 2 Osso Bucco!

Well I don’t know if you can tell, but the osso bucco got pretty scorched in the oven. I used this recipe from Mario Batali and my new le creuset and then stuck it in the oven with a teeny little crack of the lid uncovering the pot and 2.5 hours later when we came back, poof black pot and some blackened food! grrrrrr. Should have left the lid on tight and probably not slow cooked at 375 deg. Seriously Mario? 375?? Anyways, it was still pretty edible for dinner and Ned said it was even better the next day for leftovers. I did eat the marrow this time too and it still kinda freaked me out. I spread it on sourdough and its just too gamey for my taste! Now on to the two dishes that actually shined on Saturday night.  First off- mushroom risotto made with homemade mushroom stock and maitake mushrooms and shaved truffle pieces!DSC_0102

This mushroom risotto was Ned’s pet project all week. He made the stock from the french laundry recipe and then we froze a nice sized truffle inside the stock. He got three types of mushrooms to cook in it at Whole Foods and then we tried to shave pieces of the truffle to garnish on top, but it was too wet and so we ended up just cutting it thinly. The rest of the remains of the soggy truffle were used to make a flavored butter! And I used some of that to make his breakfast (see below).

And here was my fun project for the afternoon- well actually it only took like 30 minutes to do! Profiteroles using Ina’s recipe. What we realized after making and eating these, is that they are really glorified ice cream sandwiches, and boyyyy do I love ice cream sandwiches. They really are so easy to make and look and taste spectacular. The best part is actually the chocolate sauce- which I made with about 2 oz of bacon chocolate, 2 oz of dark chocolate, 1/4 cup milk (melted together) and then a dash of coffee and a dribble of some honey. Superb!


Lastly, is Ned’s breakfast from yesterday morning- eggs in a hole. We got some nice sourdough from Atwater’s and so I cut a heart shape out of one of the slices and then fried an egg sunny side up and voila! Adorable valentine’s birthday breakfast!


Man, I sure do love this boy. I love how much fun it is to be goofy and cook with him in the kitchen and I love how well we eat together! Now if this snow would just get melted, we can start going outside to do our other favorite activity- hikes by the Gunpowder river!



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  1. He better get on his knees! I’m thinking you two belong together! 😉 I keep telling my boys, if you learn how to cook, you’ll make the girls swoon! I think I’m on the right track!
    (food looks delicious too!)

  2. Elizabeth, I envy the fact that you and Ned can coexist in the kitchen. The Mistah and I have yet to strike this balance. Maybe he could get some pointers from Ned and Noel since you and Beth seem to have fellas with kitchen smarts.

  3. I’ve never met Ned, but I can tell you two are a perfect match. 🙂

    • awwwh thanks tracy!

      I can’t wait to see you on saturday at my place!

      I hope you can meet him too. He usually stays away for cookbook club and goes out with his friends but maybe I can get him to stay until everyone gets there!

  4. Yeah, another Elizabeth! Although I go by Beth during the day and Biz (my nickname) on my blog!

    Wow, 375 does seem high, and yes I would have left the lid on – I would have thought 325 would be a good temp.

    Jealous of your Le Creuset – I have a Sam’s club knock off, but I still love it! ;D

  5. Aaawwwwww…. Happy Birthday, Ned!

    Elizabeth, that looks like an amazing meal you made him. And the risotto looks pretty amazing also!

  6. That heart cut out breakfast is the cutest thing ever. I can’t believe I haven’t met Ned yet! We will have to remedy that the next time I visit the rents. I can’t wait for you to come see me!!

  7. Happy belated birthday to Ned! It must be something about those Aquarian boys loving to cook and using it to atract women 😉

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