Gathering of Friends at Iggie’s

February 23, 2010 at 8:17 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment | 10 Comments

The Friday night after the snowflakes stopped falling and the roads were starting to be “cleared” Ned and I ventured out with some of our friends to one of our favorite Friday night hangouts. Iggie’s! I have been to Iggie’s about 4 times now and it never dissapoints. First off, it is BYOB and they supply wine openers and a nice lot of wine glasses and water glasses/fresh cold water to be able to get whatever you need for your meal. Secondly, (and which is probably most important) is that they have awesome creative and delicious pizzas!

DSC_0065We always get the pizza of the year 2008 – the cipolla (red onion confit, mozzerella, pancetta and ricotta) and it is just to die for! We also got some salads and three other pizzas so go for the jump and check it out!

DSC_0067Here is their chalkboard menu- I love chalkboards… can’t wait to have my own kitchen to incorporate one myself! I love the way they word things too, as evinced by the Be Nice and below with the That’s Sea Salt Idiot! Hahahha. And how cool is that? Sea salt on the table, which mysteriously looks like parmesan. πŸ˜›

DSC_0068Here’s the first of the pizzas that came to our table of 7- the Anatra- (roasted duck, blue cheese, asparagus, red onion, and mozzerella).Β  I didn’t actually get to try this, but I recollect that everyone really likes it because of the decadent roasted duck!

DSC_0072And a lovely antipasto also came to the table- totally adorable and tasted as good as it looks! I stole some of the asparagus and that was tasty. I wish Ned and I could have that plate as an appetizer for dinner most days… reminds me of good times in Italy.

DSC_0073Here’s a crazy picture I took while fooling around with my camera settings. Iggie’s has a nice string of lights in their front window (where we were sitting) and it gives such a nice glow to the tables right there!

DSC_0076Here was my friend Megan’s salad- not the greatest picture but she liked it alot! It was the Iggie’s salad (baby spinach, goat cheese, mushrooms and a warm pancetta dressing). I had a bite and the dressing was so good with the spinach and cheese!

DSC_0081Here was my salad that I ordered- the sesamo- field greens, seasonal veggies, pine nuts and a sesame dressing. I loved the pine nuts and chickpeas in it.

DSC_0082So here is that pizza I was raving about. The cipolla- it’s basically a pizza orgasm – if you could imagine such a thing. Although after each two pieces (we were discussing at the table) your tastebuds get overwhelmed and its best to switch to something else! The sweet onion and salty pancetta are just the best combination. The crust is perfectly salted and has the right thickness to hold up the pizza but to not make it a huge thing of bread with toppings!

DSC_0092Luckily we had two other options to go to after our tastebuds got satiated! First was the pizza of the month- the salomino- a combination of sorpressata, tomato ragu, and smoked mozzerella. I loved how the grape tomatoes burst in your mouth and the smoked cheese had great flavor too.

DSC_0090Lastly, was the pizza of the year 2009- the diavola- hot sausage, tomato ragu, 4 cheeses, olives and hot peppers. They were right! This pizza was hot! Really full of spicy flavor and full of meaty things. I would call this the meat lovers pizza of Iggie’s and all the boys loved it. My favorite will always be the cipolla, but my cousin Scotty also really likes the verdura fresca and the pera saporita, so next time we go I’m going to have to revisit those goodies again!


All in all, come to Iggie’s if you want a low key evening with a bunch of your best buddies for wining and dining in a relaxed and cool environment. And they let you bring dogs too! (so keep that in mind!)

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  1. Pizza Orgasm!?! Have to try that. Hey, who knew Iggy’s has such great food?

    • hell yeah P.O! Yes Iggy’s has great food! what rock have you been hiding under Julie???

  2. I love pizza. We’ve been meaning to get over to Iggies.

  3. Oh my gosh, that all looks SO GOOD! You’ve totally made me want pizza now. I’ve never even heard of Iggy’s!

  4. I don’t often make it as far north as Iggies, but for BYOB and pizza, I might need to make an effort!

  5. iggies is the best. I’ve been going there since they opened back in december of 2005 (i think)…used to go there once a week, now it’s more like once a month.

    the owners are super nice and will always do their best to try to find you a table (it’s usually packed), and they don’t accept tips, only donations to a monthly charity.

    i am with you on the 2008 pizza of the year. the first time i had that, 2 days later it was still so vividly lodged in my mind that i had to go back and get another one ASAP. now just reading about it again makes me wanna roll down tonight and pick one up.

    my girlfriends favorite is the verdura fresca. the mushroom pizza is also good…they use really ‘earthy’ ‘shrooms.


  6. Hey Elizabeth, can you check your Iggies Link…comes back with a 404 Error. I’ve never heard of this place but then again we really don’t get out much. Must learn more!

  7. I haven’t been to Iggie’s yet! But totally will be putting it on the list of “must try”! Thanks for the tip!

  8. I love Iggie’s!

  9. Iggie’s! I live right around the corner. Unfortunately I can only afford to splurge and get a pizza about twice a year but I always go for the quattro formaggi. I know they have other veg options, but I’ve never tried anything else, because the QF is just too good.

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