Thai in Portland, Maine

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This restaurant review starts my Portland Maine food weekend!! We went there shortly after I arrived on Friday early evening. Kate is reviewing (along with alot of other Portland food bloggers) all of the Thai restaurants in Portland Maine. This restaurant was her second stop in that reviewing voyage. In the picture you can see some of our friends, C and E. They are good sports when it comes to photographing their food and being inundated with flashes while eating dinner. 😛


After dinner we  headed over to the ice rink to see the local hockey team play the Albany team. It turns out that Portland is losing their Buffalo sabres farm team- I feel dissapointed now…and that was my only time seeing them! Go Sabres- with or without their awesome Portland team!  And while we didn’t know that info while we ate, we had a pretty happy meal and lots of different dishes came to the table of 7. Check em out below.


This was one of the appetizers- a  vegetable roll wrapped with rice paper. It had very many vegetables…so many it didn’t really taste that good. There was a nice hint of mint though and that seemed kind of odd….


Here was the second appetizer- some vegetable dumplings. I didn’t have one, (trying to save room for dinner) but everyone else liked them very much. There was a second order of these (beef I believe?) and those were more readily received than the vegetable…


Here was my pho! Well KT’s and my pho. Go see this picture she took of me while I split the portion into two bowls! I think this is the second time I have ever had pho- because this was a vietnamese/thai restaurant and Ned said he would be having pho in Baltimore that same night, it made me want to try it again (since the first time was in 2004 in LA??) I was thankful that it turned out to be a good decision. The broth was so tasty and I really liked the scallions and rice noodles. The beef which you can’t really see in my above picture was pretty grey looking but tasted nice and soft and fresh!


Here were some sprouts, thai basil, lime and jalapenos that the waitress brought over for us to add to our pho. Katie and I both loved being able to doctor up our soup. And I added lots of that stuff and sriracha! (which made it pretty hot and when E decided to drink the rest of my broth, knocked him off of his feet! Ha!)


Here was roomate A’s chicken and shrimp pad thai. (who let me take her bed! Thank you sweet A!) This thai restaurant uses alot of peanut in their pad thai and I think that contributed to increasing the sweetness of the dish. Not the best pad thai I’ve ever had (Thai restaurant in Waverly is my standard I guess…) but it wasn’t bad at all. 


The other part of my meal was this chicken salad. It had a lot of nice veggies (cucumber, red onion, carrot) but the chicken mixture was kind of sandy feeling in my mouth. I ate most of it, but couldn’t shake the weird texture of the dish. I would stick to the pho next time!

All in all, this was a nice homey place to gather with a bunch of our friends. The waitress was very attentive and it seemed to be a family run show, so that was nice that we could support a small business like that. I can’t wait to see more of Kate’s thai adventures to see who wins in the end!

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  1. If you like Pho, there are bunch of good place on route 40 out by Catonsville. They look like dives, but they’re really good!

  2. hey good lookin’ pho! i’ve already eaten at the next place, not so thai, but great nonetheless. i ate w/ anestes (of and he linked to your review- you have to dig back through the entries to find it, but i thought you’d appreciate the linkback! xoxo

  3. izzy,

    I found your next calling: rescuing all those strawberries fields in Florida.

    Please save me some.

  4. Was just thinking about you my friend! Where are you?!

  5. I was just thinking the same thing as LoveFeast–hope everything is okay!

  6. Wow!! THe Thai food in Maine looks eons better than the stuff we get here in Chicago! I grew up in Asia and went to Thailand once a year for vacation…the food you got looks like the food I ate there!!! 🙂 Thank you for a great review! I’ll be sure to go there if I’m ever up in Portland Maine!!

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