Beautiful Bresca

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Kate and I wanted to go out to a nice dinner together on Saturday night of my trip out there. I think she picked the perfect place- Bresca . I neglected to get an outside photo…the snowy rain was coming down too hard! But here is a photo of their water and olive oil jugs- a round bottom flask! Wow I’m a chemistry nerd and I fully admit that. 😛


This place was pretty small (18 seats) and decorated in a simple and lovely way. I could tell that the chef was a woman (and a pregnant one too apparently!). The food was excellent and if I had a restaurant all my own, I would like it to be similar to this place. Go check out the exquisite pieces of art! (I mean food!!)


This was the shaved brussel sprout salad with walnuts and shaved parmesan. It was so light and super tasty. As it was listed in the before section, it was the perfect thing to start your dinner with!


Look at these beautiful candlesticks…Picture looks kinda scary, but it was perfectly feminine and beautiful!


Here was our first first- the ‘Toc ~ smoked ricotta, creamy polenta, royal trumpet mushrooms, radicchio, lardo.’ The polenta was soooo creamy and the mushrooms were very flavorful. The lardo (first time having this!) was so decadent! Super thin tasty tasty “bacon.”


This was our second first- the ‘Late Winter Waldorf Salade ~ mixed greens, pink lady apples, toasted walnuts, shaved beet, creme fraiche buttermilk dressing.’ It is rare that I have homemade buttermilk dressing and it was just so good! I need to make it at home more often! The ingredients for this salad were just so perfect together and aren’t the chiogga beets just mesmerizing?


We decided to split and entree and chose the cod. It came with fennel, crispy potatoes, and green beans. The fish had a very nice crispy skin (something I usually can’t digest because of the texture) but it was so crispy and flavorful. The vegetables were great too. I love sauteed fennel and green beans. Definitely not enough vegetables for splitting an entree, but we had a nice full meal that night so it wasn’t a big deal!


Here was Kate’s buttermilk panna cotta. Tons of fresh fruit and what a beautiful pattern! The flavor of the sorbet was a white pepper? It was a crazy combination of fruit and other flavors. Definitely not the best dessert they offer, but still very palatable. And where is the other dessert you might ask?? I was so excited to start eating it I totally neglected picking up my camera! It was a napoleon with caramelized bananas, strawberries and strawberry sauce and tasty nests of phyllo dough (cool preparation there!). I was a total food whore and hardly gave wonderful KT any bites! Sorry KT!!! Next time we should just order two. 😀

So wow, this place was just amazing. I am so jealous that this place isn’t in Baltimore so I can go anytime there is a special occasion! Perfect place to almost round out our foodie weekend. Great job Blueberry Girl!

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