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April 23, 2010 at 9:47 am | Posted in Brunch | 2 Comments

So this post rounds out my wonderful fun filled trip to Portland, ME. Sunday morning we were hungry, well pretty hungry and KT and I decided to venture to a well received brunch spot she had never visited before! Some ladies and a fellow blogger joined us and we had fun conversation and a good time.


The interior of the restaurant reminds me of a Spanish Hacienda or something! Beautiful decorations and the food was pretty colorful too, go check it out!


Like, look at these glass bottles. Adorable, no? I need to find this kind of glass to decorate my own house when I eventually get one.


Here was the lost bread. ‘Warm Lost Bread with Maine Maple Syrup.’ I don’t know exactly why it is called Lost bread and not just monkey or something… Maybe they are obsessed with Lost like I am! I mean seriously, 4 more episodes?? I’m so glad I had surgery last year so I could sit there and catch up on all 5 seasons! Anyways, I googled it and whaddyaknow, its pain perdu or a cajun style french toast. I didn’t take a bite (or maybe I did?) but I think it was very rich and buttery.


Here was my ‘House Made Cinnamon and Sugar Pop Tart.’ I always ate the cinnamon and sugar pop tarts for breakfast when I was in middle school. (all while drinking a huge glass of milk and watching WJZ 13… good times, eh?) So this one was going to really have to stack up to that old breakfast obsession. It wasn’t much like the processed Kellogg’s one, the filling was tasty, but the pastry was dried out. I wonder what it would taste like if they deep fried it for a sec!


To continue my random meal of sides I ordered the maple bacon. That was some darn good bacon. Very sweet, but very good quality.


And lastly I got the home fries. They included some sweet potato (does this annoy you that I like sweet stuff so much?? I think this brunch is turning into a broken record!) and I liked the sweet potato aspect. I think the whole plate might have been cooked at a tad too high temperature to increase the browning. I guess I like a slightly less brown hash…


Here was KT’s eggs benedict. Apparently it wasn’t runny enough (I mean come on, thats the whole point, right? a nice eggy sauce!) and her toast was a little too toasty giving her captain crunch mouth. yummm I love captain crunch, but what the heck with the roof of the mouth thing?? those captain crunch people should really try to change their recipe…


I loved the old sign and other random rescued decorations that they incorporate and I loved the bacon. But something tells me (well KT) that it could have been better. I think the brunch menu is a little random. Not enough big plates of sweet stuff, just little ones. Maybe that’s what the other customers like though, more eggs stuff… I guess I’m just prejudice and am used to Miss Shirley’s expansive brunch menu!

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  1. There was a recipe for homemade poptarts in the last issue of Bon Appetit, and I really, really wanted to make them. Maybe with rhubarb (current obsession alert!). But I wondered if anyone would eat them. Good to know people do! Now if I can just find some victims–I mean tasters!

  2. phew, all caught up! some lovely pics from brunch- especially those bottles.

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