Quick Jam – Strawberry Style

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So, somehow you might have guessed that I like strawberries. I know…somehow… Well right now is prime strawberry season in Baltimore and that makes me a very happy girl. I was reading this post by Cheri and got very excited that I could make a pure confection with my juicy babies from the farmer’s market. So this past Sunday I bought three quarts for $12 (the best deal there!) from the farm that sits right next to Uptown Baker’s! And this is what I got:


not a bad result, eh?? I wonder if tastespotting will accept this picture… let’s wait and see!!

oh and while writing this post, Ned turned on Ratatouille on the Disney channel and so I started fake crying with an overwhelmed emotion thing going on and said – “I’m writing about strawberries and watching a movie about Paris (whimper whimper) – I’m going to spontaneously combust!” Okay so maybe I’m trying to be tooo funny by writing my weird exclamations, so just quick go and look at some pretty strawberry pictures to rid your brain of my written insanity…

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Daring Baker’s Challenge: Croquembouche

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So here I am back in the DB driver’s seat again! Who knows about June, but May was a definite for me. It helped that the challenge only took about 3 hours in total! I love making pate a choux, getting pretty good at it! Might need to change the amount I pipe though because when I do a little curly q, it makes a little ducky shaped choux. They were so tasty and I filled them with coffee flavored cream and used the hard caramel glaze to glue everything. Some nice pink mini carnations topped it off! A perfect treat and end to my Ree inspired girlie dinner!


The May 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Cat of Little Miss Cupcake. Cat challenged everyone to make a piece montée, or croquembouche, based on recipes from Peter Kump’s Baking School in Manhattan and Nick Malgieri. Thank you for hosting us Cat!

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Wordless Wednesday: Big Proud Sista Edition

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Cookie Making Day!!!

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Hello there blogosphere! Sorry I took a week reprieve, I thought I lost my camera connector and it turned out it was behind the curtains on my windowsill! That and I was really lazy, noooo busy, yeah busy that’s it. I’m back and its a good Monday. Know why? I have my good ol boss back from my old job, you know that awesome boss that helped me get my new job in Frederick??? Well he has come to Frederick too and joined the insanity that is going to take over all environmental labs in MD!! (Hi Vince, I know Joy tells you to read my blog so yeah- hi. and hi James, since I know you read my blog now too. :-D)

Okay enough about work- let’s talk about cookies. Or rather I will give you short explanations for the next forty million pictures I took that day. May 15, 2010 will go down in history as the day we made 937 Mexican wedding cookies in 6 hours. And whenever I plan (uhh Ned plans) or anyone else in my family plans on getting married, this crazy cookie making tradition will continue!!

So it all started with these two beasts (yeah Kitchenaids can be beasts can’t they??? Especially when they cranked out ten batches a piece!!)

One was Auntie Martha’s and one was Mama’s. Petunia stayed home, cause we had enough manpower for one day’s work. Now go for the jump and get blown away!!
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Goddess Grub

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Well it wasn’t actually grub that we ate, actually alot better. 🙂 Know why?? Cause my favorite goddesses helped me make it, and the recipes came from another lady who I certainly consider a goddess: Ree Drummond. Well I love me some Kel and Bethany and I love me some Pioneer Woman. All three always bring a smile to my face when I see them and/or read their words. Especially lately as Ree is becoming so famous, etc. I love reading her accounts of her travels for her book tours and the way she talks about her kids and Marlboro Man.


Well this recipe was proclaimed Ree’s most favorite salad ever eveer everrrrr and I found it in the Cowgirl food category. I mean, where else should you go looking for recipes for a girlie party than a category that proclaims that men will not touch this food with a ten foot pole! Well this was one of the most fresh and tasty noodle salads I have ever made and it was fantastic (on the day I made it, third and fourth day not so much…) . Bell peppers, cabbage, cilantro, cucumber, sprouts, scallions, cold linguine noodles, all with a spicy uber flavorful asian dressing. I can just hear you thinking about having your girlfriends over to eat this!!!  Now go check out our other dish of that night!

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Wordless Wednesday: Obsession Edition

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A Market Meal

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Early Sunday morning on May 2nd Ned and I wandered downtown (well drove…) and quenched our thirst for the first real fresh food of the season! Got some strawberries, asparagus, pickles, flowers for R&R and sausage. The sausage was the best part. We’ve always looked longingly at the meat selection at the Truck Patch stand, so we went bold and actually opened the coolers and perused thoroughly! There were many kinds of sausage and a instant tasty meal came to mind. “What do you think about peppers and onions with sausage Ned??” “YES, wonderful idea…”


This meal reminds me of going to O’s games and stopping at the big dog stand with the silver hut (which doesn’t exist anymore sadly) and getting two to go to eat during the first inning. That big dog stand makes a mean pepper and onion. I think we are going on Friday (my first game of the season finally!) and I can’t wait to shove some mustard and pork in my face and finish it off with cotton candy later. So please help me root for the O’s this season (they need all the support they can get! and its in my flipping blood so I must root for the O’s for eternity) and go for the jump to see the asparagus below!!
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Vivacious Volt

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Vivacious, isn’t that just one of the most flaming words in our language?? Well yes it is, and to me it defines something that is beautiful and full of life. Well, Volt surely was that! Ned and I were in town last Saturday for our buddies Stephanie and Rich’s wedding on Friday night and so we stayed over in Frederick (minutes away from my new work!) and went and walked around town on Saturday morning. I had made reservations like 3 months ago, but they somehow got lost and wonderful Volt was still able to seat us for lunch!   


Ned and I had the most lovely lunch we have had in a long time. The service was amazing and the food was even better, really reminded us of being back at Alinea with how sublime everything was. So take a minute and go see our tasty lunch – it was really a wonderful way to be welcomed to town. We CANNOT wait to go back there all the time once I officially live in Frederick! 

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Wordless Wednesday: Frederick Edition

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Earth Day @ One World

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Well this is about two weeks late, but there are things that are requiring more of my attention lately, first and foremost is that I have a new job! Still doing environmental chemistry, but in Frederick, MD! And that leads to another exciting topic is that once our lease is up on June 30, I will be moving to Frederick and finding a place downtown there! I am so excited to be able to live near a downtown and Frederick has an adorable one at that…


So I had been reading a bit in my loads of free time prior to last week. One book I picked up from the library was Face on your plate. It was basically more information than In Defense of Food and Food Inc give you about the real life of meat that is fed to humans. Some parts made me very sad about the lives of animals and some made me very sad about what its doing to the environment… So on earth day, the gang gathered at One World for happy hour and I decided to go with something vegan. I hardly ever eat that way, but I am happy that I did. Another thing Ned and I are going to try to start doing is Meatless Monday. Last night we whipped up a huge batch of pad thai (with eggs as our protein) and we will be eating this tonight!

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