Earth Day @ One World

May 3, 2010 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Dinner | 7 Comments

Well this is about two weeks late, but there are things that are requiring more of my attention lately, first and foremost is that I have a new job! Still doing environmental chemistry, but in Frederick, MD! And that leads to another exciting topic is that once our lease is up on June 30, I will be moving to Frederick and finding a place downtown there! I am so excited to be able to live near a downtown and Frederick has an adorable one at that…


So I had been reading a bit in my loads of free time prior to last week. One book I picked up from the library was Face on your plate. It was basically more information than In Defense of Food and Food Inc give you about the real life of meat that is fed to humans. Some parts made me very sad about the lives of animals and some made me very sad about what its doing to the environment… So on earth day, the gang gathered at One World for happy hour and I decided to go with something vegan. I hardly ever eat that way, but I am happy that I did. Another thing Ned and I are going to try to start doing is Meatless Monday. Last night we whipped up a huge batch of pad thai (with eggs as our protein) and we will be eating this tonight!

Here is a view of the outdoor seating, it was a very nice night and I love being able to do happy hour with nice weather…


So here was my vegan salad. It had a nice dome of quinoa, and then spinach, supremed grapefruit slices, candied walnuts, and avocado!! I would have never thought of this combination of ingredients, but all together with the creamy dressing it came with it was so tasty and filling.


and check out that avocado, quinoa, and candied pecan magic…


I have been to One World many many times and I usually get the tuna melt. But I do have that wedding (aka Cut the Cake…) in less than two months and I wanted to try something vegan for a change… So if you’re reading this out there and are considering some place uber healthy and meat free friendly, go check out One World!

One World Café Johns Hopkins on Urbanspoon



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  1. We used to live right around the corner from One World but we never went. We were too busy order BAD indian from Tamber’s!

    Moving to Frederick! That’s exciting! Hopefully you won’t leave all of the Baltimore blogging friends behind!

  2. Congratulations on the new job and the move. I’m sure it will inspire!

  3. I love quinoa!! I really do and if it weren’t for the many mouths we feed, I think I could easily be a vegetarian…but with all these growing boys, meat is consistently on the menu.
    Thanks for stopping by our Table today!
    It was nice to see that you had popped in for a visit!
    oh, and congrats on the new job…and to think, you will have tons of great restaurants to review!

  4. Elizabeth, congratulations on the new job. Enjoy this exciting new phase of your life.

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for the past few months. I live in the Frederick area and work in Baltimore. I’m excited to read about places in Frederick that inspire you. Good luck finding a place!

    • Wow Tricia! It’s nice to hear from you! How did you find my blog?? I think I may have found a place right near Carroll Creek so that is good. I went to Volt this past weekend for lunch (I was in town for a wedding) so stay tuned for that!

  6. You have to get the nachos at one world next time you go, nachos and beer make the best happy hour there. OOOHHH now I’m dying for One world nachos.

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