Wordless Wednesday: Obsession Edition

May 12, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 10 Comments






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  1. Too cute! And I want those strawberries! I’m going to miss the market again this weekend 😦

    • Thanks Beth! Poo on no strawberries, but yay for being in Florida!! Strawberries will still be waiting for you when you come home!!

  2. Cute shots! I hope your strawberries were sweet. Nice haircut too. Just got mine chopped pretty short as well.

    • Thanks Tracy! 7 inches chopped off! Yes this weeks batch of strawberies was much sweeter than last weeks! Did you find that too?

  3. Hee! You look like you’re eating “Strawberries in a Parking Lot.”

    • OMG. Kathy you cracked me up!

  4. I ate way too many of those this morning for breakfast!! yummm!!

    • there is no such thing as too many strawberries!

  5. I LOVE your haircut! The second picture your making a real bissy face – you look like you did when you were a little girl :). So sweet.

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