Goddess Grub

May 14, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 8 Comments

Well it wasn’t actually grub that we ate, actually alot better. ๐Ÿ™‚ Know why?? Cause my favorite goddesses helped me make it, and the recipes came from another lady who I certainly consider a goddess: Ree Drummond. Well I love me some Kel and Bethany and I love me some Pioneer Woman. All three always bring a smile to my face when I see them and/or read their words. Especially lately as Ree is becoming so famous, etc. I love reading her accounts of her travels for her book tours and the way she talks about her kids and Marlboro Man.


Well this recipe was proclaimed Ree’s most favorite salad ever eveer everrrrr and I found it in the Cowgirl food category. I mean, where else should you go looking for recipes for a girlie party than a category that proclaims that men will not touch this food with a ten foot pole! Well this was one of the most fresh and tasty noodle salads I have ever made and it was fantastic (on the day I made it, third and fourth day not so much…) . Bell peppers, cabbage, cilantro, cucumber, sprouts, scallions, cold linguine noodles, all with a spicy uber flavorful asian dressing. I can just hear you thinking about having your girlfriends over to eat this!!!ย  Now go check out our other dish of that night!

In order to keep the asian flavors flowing, I made lettuce wraps too! I used ground turkey, red peppers, onions, water chestnuts (super crucial) and cooked it all up with another uber flavorful asian concoction of sauces. I made these again on Wednesday night cause I loved it so much (and I had leftover water chestnuts…). Ned tasted the meat and swore he could not tell at all that it was ground turkey, so actually these are very healthy and its just crazy because healthy things don’t usually taste this good!!!

DSC_0066So that concludes my tasty asian meal. Makes me super thankful for spending a whole $8 on a wok at Ikea so I can make food that is so much better than any typical asian chain restaurant!! Now go check out Pioneer Woman. She writes the most clever, funny and interesting things, well mostly just funny. I hope I grow up to be just like her when I grow up. Do you hear that Ned?? I’m telling you we have to move to Oklahoma and own a cattle ranch!!



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  1. I love Pioneer Woman too. And I want to be just like her when I grow up…well, except maybe I’ll stop at one or two kids, and I don’t know about living in the middle of no where, and well cows, they’re big and stinky…okay well, maybe I don’t want to be JUST like her, just want her to keep inspiring me every day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • yep, if she left the blogosphere there would be a huge gaping hole! Aren’t we lucky to be able to share in the joy that she spreads through words and pictures everyday??

  2. Hey…aren’t I the one who you about PW??

    • why yes you are, clever and internet savvvy auntie helen

  3. Ree definitely has some good stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t live or work on a cattle ranch so I hold Ree personally responsible for my needing to go back on Phase I of South Beach. My lack of willpower in the face of tasty treats is in no way the cause of my downfall ; )

  4. omg, i read Ree’s blog everyday ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t get enough and my hubby LOVE LOVE LOVES everything I make of hers. And that salad looks like it is next on my list.

  5. mmm, that all looks so good. i want to make lettuce wraps because it’s so hot out!

  6. […] Daring Baker’s Challenge: Croquembouche May 27, 2010 at 10:29 am | Posted in Daring Bakers, Dessert | Leave a Comment So here I am back in the DB driver’s seat again! Who knows about June, but May was a definite for me. It helped that the challenge only took about 3 hours in total! I love making pate a choux, getting pretty good at it! Might need to change the amount I pipe though because when I do a little curly q, it makes a little ducky shaped choux. They were so tasty and I filled them with coffee flavored cream and used the hard caramel glaze to glue everything. Some nice pink mini carnations topped it off! A perfect treat and endย to my Ree inspired girlie dinner! […]

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