Wordless Wednesday: 1970 Orioles Edition

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Chana Masala Fail and Other Ramblings

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So this post is most certainly fueled by Zeke’s this evening!! I may or may not have had five demitasses’s of espresso tonight. And I may or may not have had (actually HAD) a wonderful evening full of BlogLove hosted by the Lovefeast Ladies tonight and got an awesome tour of the Zeke’s establishment! But that story is for another blog post! Gotta keep it chronological peeps! Anyways, what do I want to talk about?? Well family and Indian food.

First, which I love, mis abuelitos are sitting behind me and conversing in spanish about the novela they are currently watching together. Novelas are a religion in this household and they get mad when I walk in front of the TV and/or ask them a question while the drama is ensuing on the television!! I’m staying with them for two weeks while my moving situation is in flux, and I LOVE IT. Grandma keeps me well fed and doesn’t get mad when I steal leftovers for lunch and is doing my laundry daily! Furthermore on the family front, I had the time of my life at Bob and Jen’s wedding and on Saturday I get to see my familia all together again while we watch Gramps on the baseball field to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1970 world series win!  Gosh I love my family, they do so much for each other and now that I’m moving away its really putting it in perspective how important they are to me and really how amazing it is what we have together.


Okay so enough sappy, let’s talk about food. Ned and I were trying to do meatless Monday and so a couple of weeks ago I went searching on Beth’s blog and found this recipe! I jumped on it and was dissapointed in my ability to read recipes thoroughly, but there’s always another try to give in the future!

Basically, I screwed up the chickpea reconstituting and had some hard little nuggets in this creation. But thank gosh I made two Indian dishes that night and was in love with the second one. Now go check out my Indian food that actually succeeded!

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Wordful Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner & Moving Edition

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So yeah this isn’t too wordless, but whatever!!!! Last weekend was the marriage of my roomate Jen and my cousin Bobby. See them here:


I neglected to take pictures all weekend, but my Auntie Martha took these on Friday night and since I had so much fun this weekend and because I love my family so much I thought these would be nice for the blog.


The other reason why I have not posted much food these past two weeks is that I am moving this Saturday from Towson and will be unpacking in Frederick hopefully in two weeks! Not much cooking has been happening and lots of packing….


And I don’t like packing but I do love my family, so lucky for me they love me too and will be helping me move my stuff into a POD on Saturday!


Aren’t the grandma’s cute?? They sure are good grandma’s.


Here’s my mama and my sister, boy I love them, even though sometimes I don’t act like it and set off my short fuse…


And here’s my bunny. He sure is swell too. I’m gonna miss cooking with him every night…

Wordless Wednesday: Market Sweets Edition

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Slammin South Beach Sandwicherie

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It was late on a Saturday night when we all had a craving for some real dinner after our Preakness party. Lea and Ryan have traveled to Miami recently and were raving about this sandwich shop they loved when they were there. Somehow they knew that a Baltimore shop had opened and it was walking distance from their apartment!! Usually when we go eating late at night we end up at Never on Sunday, but I was excited to get a healthier sandwich to fill my stomach grumblings.


I’m glad we went. The owner (I guess operations owner cause there are two other ones?) was super cool and was happy with me taking pictures and told us his whole story of how he just opened, how he got here and what’s going on with the shop now. The sandwich ingredients are really good quality and there’s just one little hiccup that I think they need to get over. Go check out my pictures below!

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