Wordful Wednesday: Rehearsal Dinner & Moving Edition

June 16, 2010 at 8:42 am | Posted in Dinner | 6 Comments

So yeah this isn’t too wordless, but whatever!!!! Last weekend was the marriage of my roomate Jen and my cousin Bobby. See them here:


I neglected to take pictures all weekend, but my Auntie Martha took these on Friday night and since I had so much fun this weekend and because I love my family so much I thought these would be nice for the blog.


The other reason why I have not posted much food these past two weeks is that I am moving this Saturday from Towson and will be unpacking in Frederick hopefully in two weeks! Not muchΒ cooking has been happening and lots of packing….


And I don’t like packing but I do love my family, so lucky for me they love me too and will be helping me move my stuff into a POD on Saturday!


Aren’t the grandma’s cute?? They sure are good grandma’s.


Here’s my mama and my sister, boy I love them, even though sometimes I don’t act like it and set off my short fuse…


And here’s my bunny. He sure is swell too. I’m gonna miss cooking with him every night…



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  1. Don’t fret πŸ™‚ The last picture is a great one!

    • πŸ™‚ Change is a coming Tracy! And then hopefully in a year more change. πŸ˜€

  2. I’m sure the move will go well…it will be hot, but it will all work out!

    What a great looking family!

  3. aw, your haircut looks so nice!

  4. Lovely pictures. Congrats to your cousin!

  5. […] We had a lovely birthday tea celebration back in the beginning of the month for my cousin Jen. Did I tell you how much I love Jen? She’s the best, she’s been my partner in crime for baking, shopping, organizing, creative thinking for almost two years now and I am so happy she’s my cousin now!!! […]

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