Chana Masala Fail and Other Ramblings

June 24, 2010 at 10:14 pm | Posted in Dinner | 3 Comments

So this post is most certainly fueled by Zeke’s this evening!! I may or may not have had five demitasses’s of espresso tonight. And I may or may not have had (actually HAD) a wonderful evening full of BlogLove hosted by the Lovefeast Ladies tonight and got an awesome tour of the Zeke’s establishment! But that story is for another blog post! Gotta keep it chronological peeps! Anyways, what do I want to talk about?? Well family and Indian food.

First, which I love, mis abuelitos are sitting behind me and conversing in spanish about the novela they are currently watching together. Novelas are a religion in this household and they get mad when I walk in front of the TV and/or ask them a question while the drama is ensuing on the television!! I’m staying with them for two weeks while my moving situation is in flux, and I LOVE IT. Grandma keeps me well fed and doesn’t get mad when I steal leftovers for lunch and is doing my laundry daily! Furthermore on the family front, I had the time of my life at Bob and Jen’s wedding and on Saturday I get to see my familia all together again while we watch Gramps on the baseball field to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 1970 world series win!Β  Gosh I love my family, they do so much for each other and now that I’m moving away its really putting it in perspective how important they are to me and really how amazing it is what we have together.


Okay so enough sappy, let’s talk about food. Ned and I were trying to do meatless Monday and so a couple of weeks ago I went searching on Beth’s blog and found this recipe! I jumped on it and was dissapointed in my ability to read recipes thoroughly, but there’s always another try to give in the future!

Basically, I screwed up the chickpea reconstituting and had some hard little nuggets in this creation. But thank gosh I made two Indian dishes that night and was in love with the second one. Now go check out my Indian food that actually succeeded!

This concoction was a potato and cauliflower side and it rocked. I made alot of it and brought it to work the next day for my lunch. One of my new coworkers, Cynthia, who is Indian gave it a taste (and even though it was “salty”) she was thoroughly impressed that I actually like to make spicy things and was shocked at all of the spices I used to make it! Come on lady, when I go for something, I go BIG! So this recipe comes from Deb, oh Deb you always make the best recipes, so go check it out. Basically you roast the veggies and then add them to a pan that has cooked onions, garlic and jalapenos with alot of toasted Indian spices and mush everything up together. I love mushy starchy stuff. yum….


And to round out the Indian feasting that night we picked up some Naan from wegman’s (it was of the garlic variety and we just ate it right up!)


I’m really excited to start cooking in my new Frederick kitchen! I get a gas stove!! It’s been three years since I had that and I get a lovely view of our backyard which has nice views of Carroll Creek. I can’t wait for my family to see the new place and I can’t wait to have my cookbook club ladies over to invade the new digs and I can’t wait to cook my new Dorsch family a proper dinner as a HUGE THANK YOU!!!Β  You see my new roommate Jenn, her parents and sister have been seriously slaving over this house to finish it so that I can move in very shortly!

and wow that was a hyper post, but you understand my hyperness my wonderful readers?!?! don’t you. there’s alot of good in my life and I can’t keep my happiness contained. πŸ˜€



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  1. Ah! I’m sorry the chickpea soak and cook didn’t work out. What happened?

    • I assumed that soaking them for six hours would be sufficient! After 4 hours I started pouring boiling water to get them to wake up faster, but nooo. Next time I’m just going to go with canned!

  2. The cauliflower has me salivating! I can’t even imagine 5 espressos–a watered down latte at 4 will keep me bouncing off the walls until well after midnight!

    Good luck with the move. Frederick sounds like a lovely place!

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