BlogLove at Zeke’s Coffee

July 6, 2010 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Appetizer, Dessert, Dinner, Entertainment | 3 Comments

The wonderful and lovely ladies (Chris Ann and Kristin) from LoveFeast Table hosted a blogging event two weeks ago and they named it nicely: BlogLove. Cause well, we love us some blogs!

Here below you can see all of the bloggers who participated! Chris Ann, Mary, Kristin, Jen, Carabee, Beth, me and Dara! I love these ladies, there are always so many interesting things to talk about and I’m glad I got to meet two new bloggers (Jen and Carabee!). Well so the premise of this party, unbeknownst to us, was to eat and greet and taste espresso! (well the espresso tasting was the surprise!). Chris Ann and Kristin are going to be selling one blend of coffee on their site and we got to help them pick which one we liked the best!


So we tasted, and snacked, and toured and ate some more and had a lovely evening. And we even got some fun gifts! First off, I won a gift card to Melting Pot, (which I already bequeathed to my sister Laurita) and then got a beautiful handmade fork magnet, a pearl BlogLove necklace and a sweet headband! I’m waiting until my Great Grapes Panel premiere on July 25 to break out the necklace, but I have been wearing this headband every other day since then! Now go check out some more fun pictures from that night.


Beth and I had fun taking pictures of each other while taking pictures. Silly I know, but such are we.  Thomas, the owner of Zeke’s coffee, gave us a nice history of his business and gave us some coffee lingo knowledge too for our tasting. (Like the foaminess, oil, etc…)


Here’s the facade of the bean roasting facility in Lauraville, actually right behind Chameleon cafe. We took a nice walk from his shop and got to see behind the scenes!


Here are the huge burlap bags of coffee beans, waiting to be roasted. Tom explained to us about the roasting and that their technique uses hot air that comes from underneath the beans when its in the “pot” and the beans float freely and bounce around during the whole process, which ensures nice even roasting. And they can get even temperatures with their equipment too.


After they are done roasting, they go into these tubs, each labeled with the variety.


And in the next room is all of the bags waiting to be sold! He said he would sell this whole rack in one week of visiting farmer’s markets, etc. Wow! I bought my dad the Amistad variety, one from Costa Rica and he liked it.


Then after our tour, we ate some crepes, with nice shrimp and mushroom fillings, respectively. And there was the fresh fruit too. All delicious!


Thank you so much LoveFeast ladies, I feel so honored to be invited to such a lovely event.



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  1. Elizabeth, looks like it was a great event. Sorry I couldn’t be there with you all.

    • We really missed you Wendi!!

  2. Elizabeth~ It was great meeting you IRL! You’re so fun!! Can’t wait until we meet up again! Love the post! ~Chris Ann

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