Drinking & Dining at Diablita Cantina

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I have a great group of friends that I know through Hopkins. Half of them are still at Hopkins and the remaining half is the better halves of some of those halves. :P. One of the better halves is Amanda. Amanda is a very sweet girl and she is an elementary school teacher. This summer she is doing a foreign teaching exchange in China. So to see her off we all got together at Diablita Cantina. Ned and I have been to Diablita once before, for an Easter brunch! I neglected to blog then, cause I was in no job not happiness land…. But now I have a great job, great house, great boyfriend, great family, etc! (Don’t I make you sick??)ย So anyways, other than my standard go to’s for verrrry good Mexican: Fiesta Mexicana and Baja Fresh (some of their dishes are very authentic, so don’t go bashing my Baja Fresh) this establishment does several Mexican things very nicely.


Go check out the decor and many things that we feasted on…


See all the fun flags?? It reminds me of Cafe Golden west and thats always a good thing. And it reminds me of being in Guadalajara 6 years ago…


Here’s the long bar with nice lights and nice drinks.


Here was my first drink: a mango margarita. I liked it very much. But for the second round I went with the cucumber and melon margarita and although the flavor was a bit strange, I still drank it. Everyone had a multitude of different margaritas that night. Well cause one Thursday is $5 margarita night and we just like to party. ๐Ÿ˜›


Then we started eating: first a trio of salsas. One of the red’s was very hot, one very smokey and little green in the middle? Well it was just right. I think cause they used tomatillos..


And then came guacamole! I remembered good things about the guac on my first visit here. They make very good guacamole. But then again, how hard is it to make guacamole good? ehhhh, I digress!


And to eat those delicious things above, we had chips. And these chips aren’t the run of the mill tortilla variety, they do a Terra chip kind of thing with lots of different root vegtables. They are definitely one of the highlights of eating there.


This was my entree. I got the pork and pineapple tacos. At first the sweetness felt strange to me with the pork, but after having some of Neds, I realized that this was a good combination. The flavoring of the pork is pretty good. I guess I’m used to barbeque when it comes to shredded pork, but this was pretty good. The sides on the plate, left me wanting something more. Black beans and rice and good and all, but I think they could come up with something better. I love that they grill the fresh tortillas.


Ned got the short rib tacos. Auntie Helen and Scotty have raved about these short ribs, so we had high hopes. I think it was pretty good, the flavor was kind of strange to my palate. Ned liked them, but he liked my tacos better.


Amanda got a quesadilla. I think it was a roasted chicken quesadilla. She liked it very much, I wish I had tried it, because I think I would have liked it very much too!


Megan got the Tequila braise bison burrito. She has gotten this entree once before and she, being the health nut that she is, loves getting bison instead of pork or beef. And it has sweet potatoes inside too. I think I would have liked this, if I tried it.


And here we are together. I love these friends of mine. They really make my times in Baltimore fun.ย  And as for Diablita? I would rather have Fiesta Mexicana if I was in the mood for real Mexican food, but the food here is more than adequate when it comes to . But they make some mean drinks here and the atmosphere is fun, so all in all its a good place to hang out.

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  1. I’ve been to Diablita a few times…I love those funky chips and the drinks are okay (they have a sweet happy hour price on wine). It’s mainly a place we go if one of our normal harbor east haunts is too crowded.

  2. This post goes perfectly with the post I just wrote ๐Ÿ™‚ I have got to try Fiesta Mexicana!

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