Dr. Ned’s Graduation Party!

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So this shindig was hosted on a lovely Tuesday afternoon in the Remsen building breezeway. In the morning Ned defended his thesis and it was approved by before lunchtime and now we can all call him Dr!! It is custom in the Hopkins Chemistry Department to have a gathering with drinks and food to get everyone in the lab together to celebrate the new graduate. Well us being the foodies, we knew we had to go all out. So that Sunday we slaved (well not really, I had a mani and pedi and Ned got to watch lots of golf and baseball on TV) but we surely cooked alot! I packed up all of my nice porcelain serving dishes and got all of our prepped ingredients in tupperware and away it went with Ned on Monday morning! He had to do some more cooking that night and I prepped some more on Tuesday morning, but by Tuesday afternoon we had one hour to finish prepping and then 30 minutes to set up and it went perfectly!! I was so impressed with our abilities to pull it all together at the last minute. Me and my bunny make a great team. 😀

So here is my smiling man, he’s smiling you know, cause he was done with graduate school!!!

The brightest and biggest smile I HAVE EVER SEEN ON HIS FACE!!!

And here is our tablescape…

the whole beautiful table!

We had a multitude of tasty treats! Starting from the left, was salmon rillettes, goat cheese stuffed cherry tomatoes, parmesan filled ratatouille cups, my famous confetti salad, and in the back was brownie bites and mini chocolate raspberry cheesecakes! Phew!

I got the flowers from the farmer’s market and Wegman’s came through with the tablecloth and tableware! I can’t wait for Jenn’s and my housewarming/birthday party in early October so I can pull out all the stops again!!!

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Volt Eats at the Key’s

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Here’s another late a** post. I know, I’m sorry. There was much excitement leading up to this meal, a whole hour of excitement! I looked on facebook and because I am a fan of the taste section of the Baltimore sun, there was an update that Bryan Voltaggio was cooking at a stand at the ballpark! I told my new roomate Jenn this was going on and she happily decided to join me there for dinner and baseball. We are lucky because the Key’s stadium is walking distance, so we got to get some exercise before gorging on amazing food!


and oh how we love baseball! Since Jenn lived in Baltimore for several years she was walking distance of Camden yards, so got to every game that she could! And well you know my baseball history, so its in my blood and I love it. I think we’re going to the Orioles game this Sunday afternoon! I hope it doesn’t rain!!


And here was the food stand signage. Go check out our meal below! But first go and check (well go read below first but then go read this drama!) out the dining@large post on this. You can see my comments, and well this was a highly charged evening for people who had to wait in line. All I can say is that if Bryan decides to cook again for the Key’s he should have a better handle on the crowd control so that everyone is happy throughout their dining experience. But really Bryan, your food rocks, inside and outside of the restaurant! And Darlene, I am so glad we got to chat about this at Cinghiale!

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Wordless Wednesday: Happy 30th Birthday Roomie Jenn!!!

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Elizabeth Cooks and Bakes!

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Why hello dear readers, I’m sorry I’m so lazy. Cause really, its laziness. But here I am waiting for someone to call me back at work and so I don’t lose my train of thought on programming this EDD, I thought I would write for a bit! Now you think, programming this EDD? Whatza hoozit?? Yes my dear readers, I am now in charge of IT for my company. Scary, right?? Well even though I have two degrees in chemistry, I have always loved the computer side of my professions in that field and once someone (damn you Nathan) decided to up and leave I was the only person qualified enough to try and tackle it! I have no real computer training, but I do know I love the internets and I love making stuff work (thats right Tim Gunn, make it work!!) So that’s what I’ve been doing… and it drains me alot, and the whole Ned graduating and leaving Baltimore drained me too (emotionally and physically.) So Neddy is gone back to Buffalo, but I will still cook! Cause I really can’t eat saltines, animal crackers and ginger ale for dinner every night (that’s what I had last night – don’t judge!)


So this meal is from like three weeks ago, maybe four, I have a terrible blog backlog right now, and I need motivation to get it going, so please keep those comments coming! It really helps! So this meal was a nice fast one and then I went and baked some peanut butter cookies so see all that below. But to entice you even further, there are lots of fun things to blog about- Volt meal at the Key’s game, Ned’s graduation party spread, this chocolate cake I am making my roomate this week for her 30th Birthday! So Stay Tuned!

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Black Hog BBQ right down the street…

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Now did you read that title?? It might be the death of me! Because you see, this place, this place that smells so good and has barbeque that might actually rival my favorite in Baltimore is very short walking distance from my house.

After having a light dinner at Moxie’s one Tuesday night with Laurita and Jen, the next evening I went big with Ned! And another thing about Moxie’s- their dessert display is to die for, but the paninis after five pm leave something to be desired. I’m waiting til I have brunch there to really make my decision on that place!

So I should probably just buy stock in Black Hog BBQ because I think I have eaten there four times since I moved to Frederick! The pulled pork is so tasty with the assortment of sauces and just like most barbeque places, it is very reasonably priced, there’s no going wrong there.


When we arrived on a Wednesday night it was packed! I wanted bbq so bad that I (much to Ned’s dismay) decided we would get takeout and eat it down next to Carroll Creek. Ned saw that they had Flying Dog on tap and was really liking the sound of that. Oh well! But I got some nice pictures inside and by the creek. So go check it out!

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Wordless Wednesday: MD Summer Requirements & Celebrations Edition

August 3, 2010 at 5:36 am | Posted in Dinner, Entertainment, Travels | 3 Comments

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