Black Hog BBQ right down the street…

August 6, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 12 Comments

Now did you read that title?? It might be the death of me! Because you see, this place, this place that smells so good and has barbeque that might actually rival my favorite in Baltimore is very short walking distance from my house.

After having a light dinner at Moxie’s one Tuesday night with Laurita and Jen, the next evening I went big with Ned! And another thing about Moxie’s- their dessert display is to die for, but the paninis after five pm leave something to be desired. I’m waiting til I have brunch there to really make my decision on that place!

So I should probably just buy stock in Black Hog BBQ because I think I have eaten there four times since I moved to Frederick! The pulled pork is so tasty with the assortment of sauces and just like most barbeque places, it is very reasonably priced, there’s no going wrong there.


When we arrived on a Wednesday night it was packed! I wanted bbq so bad that I (much to Ned’s dismay) decided we would get takeout and eat it down next to Carroll Creek. Ned saw that they had Flying Dog on tap and was really liking the sound of that. Oh well! But I got some nice pictures inside and by the creek. So go check it out!

I love the signage that they have going on here. And they have an adorable assortment of pigs to decorate too. See the cute one with the raffia bow collar? MMMmmm pig you sure are delicious.


And here’s the menu with the nice young gentlemen behind the counter.


And so here’s when we get to the meat. Ned got the two meat platter because he was dying to have both the pulled pork (carolina style) and the ribs. And there was some cornbread but he gave that to me, (oh what a sweetie I have :-P).


See that smoky rib action?? Pretty smoky! And that dry rub crust looked good as well.


Then there was some mac and cheese. And this my friends was MAJOR in Ned’s eyes. You see, Andy Nelson’s does not have the cheesy concoction that he and alot of other people think (but not me) should be at every good barbeque joint. This one was stellar. And I really appreciate how they give you a modest size for their sides. Made us just stuffed enough, but not overly.


Here was my coleslaw. Very finely shredded and with a nice light creamy texture and good cabbage and celery seed flavor. Not my favorite in the world, but it will work!


Lastly was my pulled pork shoulder sandwich. I was weary of getting the finely chopped carolina styleΒ  from one sort of bad meal on our way home from Charleston, SC which turned me off, so I opted for the pork shoulder. I liked it, but the shreds were too large for my taste. The next time I visited I got the chopped carolina style and I loved it way more! Something about vinegary flavorful pork is really turning out to be my style.Β  I don’t remember which barbeque sauce this was, (BHB Original, Kansas City Style, Carolina Red, or Mike’s Mustard Sauce) but I’m finding that a nice combination of the mustard sauce and the BHB really gets my tastebuds rocking!


And don’t you worry Auntie Martha, Ned and I took a nice long hour walk after we had dinner to counteract our meal.Β  This was a shot from the end of our walk, the end of Church street before you hit East street. Church street really is my favorite one in town. We learned on another walk about this house in Frederick on the other side of Church street called the Spite house. Really funny and fascinating story to read if you so desire. I love you my spunky and quaint little town of mine. I think I’ll stay. πŸ˜€ and I think I will have your barbeque at least twice a month! Get ready black hog cause you might be able to greet me by name soon enough!


and yes this picture was taken while in the middle of the street. all in the name of dark photography.

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  1. Elizabeth, I think you’ve just lit a fire under me to drive out I-70. Nelsonesque bbq AND mac and cheese?

    Need to coordinate with The Mistah and investigate pronto!

    • yes, FREDERICK IS NOT THAT FAR. so please come for mac and cheese and piggy pig and let me know when you are coming!

  2. I love how you are discovering place to eat in my hometown that I’ve never heard of! I guess not having lived there full time in ten years is catching up with me.

    • yup! and I love that you have another blog again!! wahooo!!

  3. Wendi, can I ride with you guys? I love some good mac and cheese!

    • oh you guys are so funny. love it!

  4. Oh, this place looks fantastic — I’ll have to take a day trip and check it out! Though I find it difficult to believe anything is better than the pulled turkey sandwiches at Andy Nelson’s.

  5. I wanna get on Wendi’s bandwagon here…this place sounds great!
    Thanks for the post, Liz, and hope all is swell out there.
    My move is officially over…thank god!

    • yayyy for no more moving Mary!! now whats your first baking project in the new house??

  6. Liz, why are you making me want BBQ? Thats not nice! I will totally agree they have yummy BBQ…and I have sampled some GOOD BBQ!

    • well why don’t you just come up here again this weekend and we can go??? if we’re not doing the watergate party, what else have you planned for saturday cause I am free!!

  7. […] my one of my besties from college, Erica, on Sunday night and it was lovely. Wednesday we walked to Black Hog, then walked to the Key’s game, then walked home and ate this in cupcake form. Last night Ned […]

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