Volt Eats at the Key’s

August 20, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 1 Comment

Here’s another late a** post. I know, I’m sorry. There was much excitement leading up to this meal, a whole hour of excitement! I looked on facebook and because I am a fan of the taste section of the Baltimore sun, there was an update that Bryan Voltaggio was cooking at a stand at the ballpark! I told my new roomate Jenn this was going on and she happily decided to join me there for dinner and baseball. We are lucky because the Key’s stadium is walking distance, so we got to get some exercise before gorging on amazing food!


and oh how we love baseball! Since Jenn lived in Baltimore for several years she was walking distance of Camden yards, so got to every game that she could! And well you know my baseball history, so its in my blood and I love it. I think we’re going to the Orioles game this Sunday afternoon! I hope it doesn’t rain!!


And here was the food stand signage. Go check out our meal below! But first go and check (well go read below first but then go read this drama!) out the dining@large post on this. You can see my comments, and well this was a highly charged evening for people who had to wait in line. All I can say is that if Bryan decides to cook again for the Key’s he should have a better handle on the crowd control so that everyone is happy throughout their dining experience. But really Bryan, your food rocks, inside and outside of the restaurant! And Darlene, I am so glad we got to chat about this at Cinghiale!

Here was menu that they distributed to everyone in line. I loved the orange and black colors. ๐Ÿ™‚


On the menu was a list of everything and each sheet was numbered. The instructions were to check what you wanted and put the quantity on there too! Then once you get to the head of the line, you hand it off and in a couple of minutes your order was ready and was called off by number!


Here was Bryan hard at work filling our order! He had an awesome Key’s jersey with his name on it!


For this meal, I started with dessert. (cause life’s short, right??) The real reason is that it was a ice cream cookie sandwich, and the ice cream was hella melting! I gobbled that sucker right up! The ice cream had a nice vanilla flavor and the cookies were not rock hard and had good chocolate flavor!


Jenn got the fruit cobbler. It was amazing (from my one tiny bite!) There were three kinds of berries in it and the fruity flavor was so intense and fresh.


Here was Jenn’s burger with cheddar, bacon, avocado, and arugula. Even though it was getting kind of room temperature, she loved how all of the ingredients worked so well.


Guess what I got??? PORK! DUH! I saw pulled pork on the menu and of course I had to see how Bryan’s version stacked up to others I have had in my life. He used pickled watermelon as a kind of coleslaw and it was tasty! I wish I had some barbeque sauce to smear all over it, but I liked it.


Lastly was the most exciting dish of the evening. It was realllly cold, so because it wasn’t going to melt anytime soon, I decided to eat it last!ย  It was a a gazpacho “dipping dots” rock shrimp ceviche! My teeth get cold just thinking about this dish! Bryan used liquid nitrogen to freeze the tomato and cucumber puree’s, cooked the shrimp very nicely, then added some microgreens and an avocado sorbet to smooth everything out! This was one crazy dish. I loved it! Not because it was a homey soul soothing gazpacho like I like to make, but because it was so inventive and awesome!


So all in all, I can’t wait to actually have a dinner at Volt sometime hopefully in the near future (Ned and I have only gone for lunch). And it would be pretty sweet to be able to eat this kind of food again at the Key’s ballpark (Harry Grove Stadium for you locals!), so please Bryan- do it again!!

And do you all like how I’m talking to our great Frederick chef like he’s going to actually read this post? One can wish!!!


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  1. How exciting was that! I was still glad that he won top chef. You are a gal after my own heart – love, love, love pulled pork! And reubens, oh wait, then theres cheese and hot sauce. . .

    My husband and I love baseball too and are enjoying the Little League world series – can’t wait to see Thaipei play again – they have outscored their opponents 46-0 in just two games!

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