Obsessed with the Orchard

September 10, 2010 at 12:00 am | Posted in Dinner | 1 Comment

I had walked by the Orchard many times before I realized it was a hub restaurant for those eaters who are of the vegetable type! (wow that was an awkward sentence..) I looked online and realized this place was very similar to One World, at least in terms of the food. They have organic and vegetarian dishes, everything very fresh and very healthy. From the outside of the restaurant I assumed it was an antequated old place that had been around for a long time, I mean the signage is kind of aging as is the furniture… But you want to know why those things don’t matter?? Because their food rocks!!!! I think they are choosing to spend their money on getting good ingredients and serving their dishes for reasonable amounts!

So check out some more fun pictures and see the meal that I have literally craved every other day for the last month!

Here is the nice chalkboard they set out every evening. See that gazpacho?? oooh yum!


And there is this awesome Seurat like painting in the entryway. I think its of a turn on highway, maybe I-70??


And here was the beginning of the meal. You see I went to this restaurant first with Ned and then a week or so later Jenn, my roomie, and I were in the mood to walk downtown and eat something on a Thursday night. I wanted something healthy and so I convinced her to come to the Orchard with me. And because I loved my meal sooo much the first time, I knew I had to blog about this place and so I ordered the exact same thing as the first time cause it was just that good.


So gazpacho! I have been on a gazpacho kick recently. Mostly because its a very healthy I want to lose weight kind of dish to eat, and because all of the ingredients are in season right now! So its very easy to stop at the farmers market and then one hour later (after some prep work) have a ton of fresh soup waiting to be chilled that lasts all week! I’ve been on a make something on Sunday and then eat it all week for lunch kick. On three separate weekends I made batches of gazpacho. The first batch was great, second batch terrible and the third batch pretty good! I have been tweaking this recipe and this one and I think I have gotten to a good place where I can remember it from scratch! And I also made this pasta dish from Deb for my all week lunch meal this past week. Very good recipe, don’t exactly keep well all five days, but it was still edible for sure!

Okay back to the gazpacho! It was chunky and the flavor of the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and onions were in the perfect proportion to make it just taste amazing. And whatever other spices they added were just icing on the cake! I wish I could get their recipe…


This was the other obsession I have developed. It’s the Veggie Salad -with crispy tofu, hummus, and avocado. It also has shredded carrots, really fresh greens, some red onion, red cabbage and sprouts! And when they say crispy tofu? I was leery but it is soo good and crispy!! The hummus was also outstanding. You can order the salad with a tomato tamari sauce and that stuff is soo tasty, I want it in bottle form. pronto. OH WAIT!! I just searched tomato tamari on the internet and this restaurant lists its best recipes! Go here people! And the gazpacho is on there too wahooo!!!! God I love you the Orchard. You just keep getting better and better!


Lastly, here was Jenn’s entree. A grilled sesame chicken sandwich: open-faced with lettuce/tomato/onion/feta/ sesame vinaigrette on pita. So open faced sandwich?? It’s basically a salad with some pita bread! I liked that it came with a mini fruit salad. She liked it, I think… I mean it is the Orchard and in my eyes they can do no wrong, so of course she liked it!


Okay people, so this where I sum up my meal and give you reasons why you should spend your money at this certain restaurant. If you go to Frederick and can’t afford the whole Volt thing, and like the healthier side of food normally, go here!! go here!!! 😀

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  1. That tofu looks delicious! I wish I liked cold soups – my mom and I once ordered cream of asparagus soup at a restaurant and were surprised when it came to us cold – we took it home, heated it up and it was delicious!

    Have a good weekend!

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